People spend a lot of time at work. Regardless of the salary, whether you like the job or not, what unites and makes working days not so gray and dull is the team. Any team has its own traditions and rules, and holidays are often celebrated there. But it is not always clear what to give to colleagues and employees, because despite the fact that you spend a lot of time with these people, you still do not fully know their tastes, interests and preferences.


Gifts for employees from the company are an excellent tradition that is followed on various holidays. Thus, people can feel the attention and care from the leadership, this has a good effect on their motivation. But there is one problem, it is always very difficult to choose gifts for employees, because on the one hand, it should be something not very expensive, and on the other hand, some banal souvenirs will not work, you need something special and non-standard. Corporate gifts from Giftmall are a practical, useful and unique gift, and you can choose the denomination yourself.

Gifts for employees: selection rules

When choosing gifts for office workers, consider the following:

  • There is no need to give gifts to employees just like that for no reason.
  • Be original and be creative. Your colleagues will be pleased to receive some unusual and cool gift that can cheer you up.
  • Do not choose gifts for office workers that are too expensive, as this can be misunderstood. Don't draw too much attention to yourself. Better to give preference to the middle price segment.
  • Nobody refuses sweets, it can be a great addition to the main gift.

Gifts for office workers proven over the years

Due to the fact that we spend a lot of time at work, colleagues and employees become very close, almost dear people for us, and we develop not only partnerships, but also friendly relations with them. Agree, it is extremely difficult not to be friends with people with whom you spend more than 8 hours a day every day.


One way or another, every team undergoes changes - new managers are appointed, someone retires or on maternity leave. And in any of these cases, it is necessary to leave something to your employees as a keepsake and somehow please them. Memorable gifts from the company to employees allow maintaining good communication with them for a long time.


You can buy a cool and non-trivial gift on the Giftmall website, we propose to completely change the culture of giving gifts and give preference to gift certificates, because it is modern, unusual and practical! Plus, there is a huge selection: a certificate can be purchased for shopping, services and entertainment. In addition, in some cases, certificates can help strengthen the collective spirit, such as:

  • team games (paintball or football);
  • corporate trip to the quest room or other entertainment place;
  • collective trainings and master classes.


The tradition of giving keepsakes to employees should not be abandoned, as they can improve and diversify the stressful workdays at least a little bit. Buy a valuable gift for an employee, or give preference to something more ordinary and simple - the choice is only yours, but remember that the gift must be made with heart and soul.


A gift certificate is a universal gift, but if you take into account the characteristics of the person to whom you present it, it will become individual. It will be immediately clear that you cared and thought about the person when you chose the present.

Gifts for office workers: classic or not?

The choice of gifts, even small and symbolic, should always be approached with the utmost seriousness. Be sure to consider a person's gender, age, and hobbies. In addition, for gifts to be perceived correctly, you need to take into account your relationship with the person. The gift to employees should be neutral and in no way hint at anything.


But if you are not a special fan of classic and banal gifts - review the assortment of the Giftmall website. Here you can find gifts for absolutely any employee, regardless of his age, temperament and preferences. Gift certificates, thanks to which you can choose what you really need, are much better than regular photo frames and souvenirs.


At Giftmall, you can order gift certificates for employees in any quantity and with any denomination, and for large orders, we are ready to provide individual bonuses or purchase conditions. Enterprise customers can also choose standard packaging for all purchased certificates.


Frequently asked questions about the giftmall catalogue

If you are looking for inexpensive Gifts for employees gifts in giftmall, we can recommend a few gift cards:

Regardless of what you choose, our gift shop offers a wide selection of gift cards to suit any taste and budget.

Our website catalog offers a variety of gift certificates that are very popular among our customers. Here are some examples of popular Gifts for employees categories:

The prices for Gifts for employees gifts in giftmall can vary significantly depending on the chosen product. We have gifts for any budget - from 50.00 UAH and up to luxury and expensive ones - 3000.00 UAH.

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