How to please parents for the New Year: the best gift ideas

New Year is a family holiday. Parents always try to please their children, even if they are already adults, with useful presents in colorful boxes. Do you remember how much joy the very consideration of gift paper with a New Year's print brings? So if you plan to spend this holiday with your family in 2023, start looking for a good gift for your parents in advance.

Immediately make a reservation: the parents lived for many years. And, most likely, received a bunch of gifts. Therefore, you should not even look in the direction of Chinese souvenirs for the sake of show. They will only gather dust in the most inconspicuous place in the house. The same applies to gifts associated with signs and prejudices. Therefore, it is better to prefer useful things or gift certificates. The latter may refer not only to the purchase of certain goods, but also to the receipt of services or experiences. Ideal for parents — coupled experiences or a product that can be used together.

If you don’t want to limit your loved ones, consider the Giftmall universal gift card option. It combines different categories of certificates and provides access to all products and activities presented on the site. Perhaps the parents have a common cherished dream that they are in no hurry to tell their children about? We are sure that the card will help to bring it to life.


Best New Year Gift Ideas for Parents

Gifts for parents don't have to be expensive. Even a picture with the sea coast will come in handy if the parents spent their first general vacation on it and remember these moments with joy. So, we offer some useful and proven ideas that you will definitely like:

  1. Electric grill.

  2. Teapot.

  3. Coffee maker.

  4. Forms for baking cookies.

  5. Pair of leather accessories.

  6. Color changing cups.

  7. Blanket with Christmas print.

  8. Board game.

  9. Photobook.

  10. Delicious delicacies (honey, nuts, dried fruits).

  11. Fortune cookies.

  12. Elite alcohol.

  13. A set of scented candles for the home.

  14. Swing chair.

  15. Aroma lamp with essential oils.

  16. Florarium.

  17. Breakfast table in bed.

  18. Garland.

  19. Mushroom farm.

  20. Electric fireplace.

In search of an answer to the question of what to give to relatives for the New Year, home goods are the first to appear. It is important that parents can use the gift together. So if the father prefers chamomile tea rather than coffee in the morning, then it is better to buy a teapot. Everything warm, soft and practical is also suitable: a swing chair, a heated blanket, an aroma diffuser or a set of candles. Similar products allow you to get a certificate in:

  • JYSK;

  • Orner;

  • DEKO;

  • HIS.

Parents will also like various New Year's little things. You can decorate the house for the holiday with the help of garlands, author's Christmas tree decorations. You can also arrange for parents to have a common leisure time. A set of exotic fruits, a festive box with honey, nuts and dried fruits, wine and mulled wine will help with this. Look for it all in:

  • Cheese Kingdom;

  • OKwine;

  • Tea House;

  • Sabotage.

Gifts to relatives for the New Year should be useful. For example, a robot vacuum cleaner will make cleaning the house easier. Board game — will make gatherings with relatives and friends more fun. An electric fireplace or heating pad will help to warm up and create a unique atmosphere. How about the most useful gift — a mushroom farm? Kits for self-growing herbs and mushrooms.

  • Garden Center;

  • Florarium.

If mom loves to cook and dad loves gingerbread cookies, then a set of cookie cutters would be a good gift. Potholders, an apron, kitchen utensils will come in handy. A special table will allow you to organize a festive breakfast in bed. Buy everything for the kitchen with a certificate:

  • Posudmeister;

  • Epicenter;

  • BergHoff.

Original gifts for parents for the New Year

Picking up original gifts for parents is not so easy. How to surprise people who visit dozens of stores every year in search of ideal presents for their children? However, don't get upset right away. Originality is not always synonymous with humor and weird things. Maybe parents will need irrigators? Other interesting ideas include:

  1. Turntable for vinyl records. It will not only be a good addition to romantic evenings, but will also successfully fit into the interior.

  2. Projector. Good alternative to regular TV. Parents will be able to watch movies, series, favorite TV shows on the big screen. In addition, the projector will help organize the viewing of the good old Christmas movie.

  3. Digital weather station. The mood and well-being of some people is highly dependent on the weather outside. If parents belong to those, digital visualization of the main weather parameters will be a good and useful present.

Don't forget holiday packaging. Gifts to relatives for the New Year should be not only useful, but also beautiful. This is where their originality lies. Put the certificate in a colorful box and leave it under the tree or hand it directly into your hands under the chimes. Wrap the gift in bright paper with a New Year's print. Add a birthday card with a family photo and warm wishes.

Universal gift for parents for the New Year

If you want to give parents the maximum space to realize their fantasies, give the palm to the universal Giftmall gift card. It can be in physical format (plastic card) or electronic. In this case, the certificate will be sent by email, SMS or messenger (Telegram or Viber). The main advantage of such a surprise is that it is valid for 60 months. Therefore, parents will have enough time to choose the right product or an interesting event.

Of course, among the gifts to parents for the New Year there may be money. However, admit that such a present is often uncomfortable for them to accept even on their birthday. What can we say about the New Year. The certificate is evidence that the children really wanted to find a good alternative.

Another advantage of the universal Giftmall card is the face value from UAH 200 to 50,000 UAH. So you can choose the amount that is comfortable for you.

And, of course, it is important that such a certificate provides access to all goods and services declared on the site. Giving movie tickets is one thing. Allowing parents to plan their own leisure time is completely different.

Emotional gifts for parents for the New Year

Throughout the year, people get bored with monotony. There are not enough new impressions, especially if the lion's share of free time is occupied by work and household chores. So the New Year is a good occasion to please loved ones with pleasant impressions. So, here are some emotional gifts for parents for the New Year, designed to be shared.

  1. Rest in the apart-hotel. What could be better than a joint trip to another city? The aparthotel offers comfortable accommodation with meals. Choose a place where SPA treatments, a sauna, a tub are provided. The mountainous terrain is the best for winter holidays.

  2. Horse ride outside the city. This activity will appeal to romantic people. Enjoy clean air and picturesque landscapes, chat with horses and ride together — a good idea when you get tired of the monotony of the house.

  3. Couple massage. It is especially important for parents to help them relax. Often they take care of children, but completely forget about themselves. One massage session will help relieve tension, slightly improve overall well-being, and reduce back pain.

  4. Cinema, theater, concert ticket. Before the New Year, posters are full of thematic events. You can go to the cinema with the whole family. Then choose a family comedy or a good old movie.

  5. Dinner at the restaurant. Let mom take a break from cooking and enjoy the pleasant atmosphere and live music with dad at one of the local restaurants.

  6. Master class. A slightly more complex option. It is important that both parents enjoy the activity. Maybe they want to dance a little? Learn to bake cookies? You can also organize a master class in painting or creating Christmas tree decorations.

A good gift for parents for the New Year will be a walk around their hometown in the company of an experienced guide. Believe me, even having lived in the city for decades, parents will definitely learn something new.

The presented ideas of proven surprises will help organize an unforgettable Christmas vacation and please parents, just like they did in childhood. Expand your horizons and look beyond standard souvenirs if you want to turn the holiday into a real Christmas fairy tale!

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