Gift ideas for mom for the New Year: how to impress a loved one

New Year is a holiday when you want to please all your relatives and friends. Mom is a person who never leaves her children without bright gifts under the Christmas tree. Therefore, the question arises: what to give mom for the New Year to thank her for many years of effort. The shelves of all the shops in the city are filled with snow globes and other Chinese souvenirs. Online stores offer pleasant discounts and additional bonuses. How not to get lost in this variety of holiday gifts and find a really worthy option?

Start preparing to celebrate the New Year early. It is better to immediately abandon Chinese souvenirs. Mom is a person who prefers useful and practical surprises. So the symbol of 2023 or a snow globe with Santa Claus will just stand on the shelf and will not bring any emotions.

If there are no ideas, opt for gift certificates. They can be used after the holiday. In addition, a gift certificate can cover not only the purchase of goods, but also the receipt of services or certain experiences. If you want to expand the range of opportunities for the mother even more, buy a universal Giftmall gift card. Well, do not forget about the emotions that can be shared by the whole family and fully immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the Christmas holidays.


New Year Gift Ideas for Mom

It seems that it is easy and simple to please your mother with a gift for the New Year. After all, this is a close person, so everything is known about his interests and preferences. But everything changes, so often children living at a distance do not even realize that their mother no longer likes to cook, as in childhood, or has recently been actively involved in sports. Therefore, we offer several gift ideas for mom for the New Year, which she will definitely like:

  1. Salt lamp.

  2. Delicious delicacies (honey, chocolate, fruit box).

  3. Set for self-preparation of mulled wine.

  4. Stepper for home.

  5. Fitness bracelet.

  6. Smart watch.

  7. Blanket with Christmas print.

  8. Kettle for brewing tea.

  9. Coffee maker.

  10. Warm bathrobe.

  11. Home suit.

  12. Bracelet with beads.

  13. Service.

  14. Name wallet.

  15. Leather gloves.

  16. A set of exotic spices.

  17. Hair styler.

  18. Aroma diffuser.

Start with classic Christmas gifts for mom. Let the jewelry be a surprise. For example, a gold bracelet with several themed beads. Over time, mom will be able to supplement the collection and create personal compositions. Similar ones can be found in the Pandora online store. Also a good option is a variety of leather accessories: wallet, gloves, card holder. If you want to make such a gift, choose a certificate by:

  • Parfois;

  • Blackwood;

  • Blanknote;

  • The Wings.

If mom has a certain hobby, then let her devote all her free time during the Christmas holidays to him. A good present would be painting by numbers, needlework, diamond mosaic. A certificate to one of the stores will help with the choice:

  • Monpacie;

  • Orner;

  • Deko;


For a sports mom, equipment for homework, such as a stepper, is suitable. You can also consider portable electronics to help track the effectiveness of your workout. Find a variety of fitness trackers and smart watches in:

  • Eldorado;

  • Comfy;

  • Mi Store.

A New Year's gift for mom can be something that will help create a festive atmosphere and add coziness. For example, a good teapot or set for a tea ceremony, an aroma diffuser with a winter aroma (pine, cinnamon, vanilla). Look for similar products in:

  • JYSK;

  • BergHOFF;

  • Aroma Buro;

  • Posudmeister.

Well, where without a tasty addition. Pick up a festive fruit box at Auchan or a bottle of wine for a warm dinner at OKwine or GOOD WINE.

Original gifts for mom for the New Year

If mom has a good sense of humor or loves designer products, consider several options for original gifts. For example:

  1. Stylish smartphone case. It can have a New Year's print or be completely made of wood.

  2. Sensory gloves. With this accessory, mom will be able to answer SMS even on the street.

  3. A set of tableware that reacts to temperature changes. It will look spectacular on the holiday table.

  4. Christmas decorations. The best option is to make your own. If your mother loves to embroider, give her a Christmas tree decoration kit.

  5. Portable heating pad. A useful gift for chilly winter evenings. Especially if mom is often cold.

Well, do not forget: a New Year's gift for mom should have intrigue. This is holiday packaging. Remember how much joy in childhood it was the unpacking of presents that brought. So even an ordinary certificate should be put in a box with a bow, and a gift should be wrapped in paper with New Year's deer. Add a greeting card. Sign it with your own hands. Maybe include a family photo.

Universal gift for mom for the New Year

A gift certificate allows mom's dreams to come true. Even if she doesn't talk about them. If you do not want to infringe on a loved one, pay attention to the universal Giftmall gift card. It can be physical, that is, made of plastic or electronic. The email is sent by mail or sent to the messenger (Telegram or Viber). You can also deliver the certificate via SMS.

The mention of childhood will help to understand how cool this gift is for mom for the New Year. Remember how happy you were when your parents let you choose any ice cream or toy as a child? Also in this case, the gift traffic light switches from red to green.

The Giftmall universal gift card consists of the certificate itself and a postcard in which it is enclosed. Inside is a unique barcode. The key advantage of such a surprise is the validity period of up to 60 months. So you don't have to rush to choose a gift. It can be well thought out and weighed.

It remains only to choose the denomination. Agree: giving money in an envelope is not convenient even for a birthday, what to say about the New Year. A certificate with a certain denomination does not look so “wild”. The amount of the card varies from 200 to 50,000 UAH. So it will be possible to make a pleasant surprise not for all the money. If the denomination is smaller, then the difference can be paid. More — use the rest of the funds next time. Typically, a classic certificate is revoked even if part of it remains unused.

The universal Giftmall card is about following the wishes of the mother, not your own ideas. So you don’t have to impose your opinion and convince that another service is really needed. Such a gift for the New Year to mom gives her access to all the shops and places presented on the site. Therefore, she will be able to choose anything: from buying a new vacuum cleaner to visiting a climbing wall.

Emotional gifts for mom for the New Year

Christmas holidays are a good opportunity to relax and unwind a little. So you can give mom not only a certain thing, but also an impression. Usually mothers are a little skeptical about all kinds of extreme entertainment, so give preference to the classics:

  1. Massage. This type of relaxation will help to relax, reduce the negative impact of stress on the body. Remember how many things you need to complete in order to calmly meet the New Year.

  2. Visit to the SPA-salon. A good choice for a gift for mom for the New Year. Massage, face and body care — is it possible to imagine the best gift for a woman?

  3. A visit to a beauty salon. It is better to give a certificate for such impressions in advance. Maybe mom will want to update her hair before the New Year.

  4. Going to the cinema. Opportunity to have fun with family. Watching a cartoon, an old movie or a long-awaited premiere — let everyone choose for themselves.

  5. Master class. When you are tired of sitting at home, you can go to a practical master class. Let the topic relate to the holiday: painting, creating New Year's decorations, preparing ginger burning.

  6. Passing the course. Holidays are a great opportunity to deepen your knowledge and gain new useful skills. A certificate for completing a certain course will appeal to an active mother who is constantly striving for self-development.

  7. Walk on horseback. Enjoying winter landscapes and snow-covered forests in the company of horses is not a dream, is it?

The presented ideas of gifts for mom for the New Year will allow you to arrange an unforgettable holiday and make a useful present for a loved one.

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