What to give your girlfriend for St. Nicholas: practical ideas and original solutions

The tradition of putting gifts under the pillow concerns children and their parents. However, you must agree: every girl dreams of feeling like a part of a winter fairy tale. So the search for gifts for Nikolai for a girl is a must-have in the list of men's affairs. At the same time, you should not even look in the direction of bright Chinese souvenirs that appear on store shelves. Such a present does not convey anything useful: no respect, no love, no desire to take a little time to find a more interesting option. Therefore, it is better to focus around gift certificates and the universal Giftmall card. The latter concerns not only the purchase of goods, but also the receipt of services and experiences.


Universal gift for a girl on Nicholas

The holiday is rapidly approaching, but there were no good gift ideas for Nikolai for the girl? Feel free to order a Giftmall card. It has several obvious advantages when compared to a standard certificate:

  1. The opportunity to choose not only a product or service, but also an impression. In general, a person himself disposes of his gifts. More than a million products and services from trusted partners are available on the site. This is a good alternative to money in an envelope.

  2. Type of. Both a physical card and its electronic counterpart are available for ordering. The advantage of the latter is that the activation code can be received in the messenger (Viber or Telegram), SMS or to the specified email address. So it will be possible to please a person who, for certain reasons, is at a distance.

  3. Denomination. The best way to fit into the planned amount allows a wide range of available denominations — from 200 to 50,000 UAH. More importantly, the balance of funds is not canceled after the first payment. So you can use it next time. If the product turned out to be more expensive, it is very easy to pay the difference.

Women choose for a long time. This is their nature, and Giftmall has taken care of that too. The validity of the card is 60 months. You can give such a certificate without additional envelopes, since the card itself looks thoughtful. Fits into a special card holder. Of course, you can put it in an envelope for a better wow effect. So such a gift to your beloved girl on Nikolai will definitely be liked and remembered. The main thing is to start preparing in advance, and not at the last moment.

The best gift ideas for a girl on St. Nicholas

St. Nicholas Day is a holiday filled with a fairy tale and warm emotions. If there are no ideas at all what to give a girl for Nikolai, we suggest turning to this list for help:

  1. Sweets.

  2. Exotic fruits.

  3. Wine.

  4. Set for making mulled wine.

  5. Home decor.

  6. Comics.

  7. Christmas plate.

  8. Warm home clothes.

  9. Sport suit.

  10. Cosmetics.

  11. Perfume.

  12. Small household appliances.

  13. Hair styler.

  14. Necklace.

  15. Earrings.

Always start your search for gifts for a girl on Nikolai from home improvement stores. On the eve of the holidays, they are filled with shimmering garlands, handmade decorations. There is everything to create a romantic atmosphere: candles, warm blankets and decorative pillows. Be sure to visit such a store yourself or buy a certificate at:

  • Epicenter;

  • JYSK;

  • HIS;

  • BergHOFF;

  • Orner;

  • Deco;


The heart of your favorite sweet tooth will melt if you hand her a basket of exotic fruits. In winter, on the shelves of Auchan, NOVUS, GOOD WINE, there are a lot of tasty and healthy gifts for Nikolay to the girl. Complement all this with a bottle of wine or other drink from:

  • OKwine;

  • Sabotage;


Don't forget about her appearance. For example, you should not buy cosmetics and perfumes yourself. It is better to present the certificate in:

  • Piel Cosmetics;

  • Vitality's;

  • Tink;

  • Joko Blend.

A variety of hair stylers, as well as other useful household appliances, can be found in Comfy, Eldorado, Mi Store. Important: do not buy something that you will use together. Make the most personalized gift for Nikolay to a girl, for example, a massage pillow or an electric hair brush.

Original gifts for your beloved on Nicholas

Since men often buy just banal little things, the original gift for Nikolai to a girl is everything that is not included in this list. Actually, these are all jokes. However, if you want to move away from the stereotypical presents that you give every year, you can choose:

  1. Soft toy. Yes, in each of the women lives a little girl who dreams of getting a huge teddy bear. What about a New Year's reindeer or soft elf?

  2. Set for needlework. For example, for embroidering Christmas decorations or weaving from beads. Such a present will appeal to a lover of spending free time at home.

  3. Evergreen. A good alternative to fresh flowers. Look specifically at winter plants, for example, zygocactus.

A lover of authentic things can pick up an exclusive blanket or picture. Everything related to collecting is also suitable: records, comics, magazines, etc. A good gift for Nikolai for a girl will be a disk with a good old movie, for example, Home Alone.

Remember that originality does not have to be in the presentation. How about extra options, boxes and postcards? Remember how much joy is unwrapping gifts. And even more — their expectation under the pillow. Prepare a box in which to put a present. If it's a certificate, buy a separate holiday envelope. Don't forget the cute little things like a postcard. A beautiful New Year's deer can flaunt in front, and pleasant words written in one's own hand in the back. Complement them with a photo taken last winter or another memorable moment.

No less successful gift for a girl on Nikolai — prepared with your own hands. For example, a romantic dinner or a hot bath with vanilla and cinnamon. These moments are what life is made of.

Emotional gifts for your beloved on St. Nicholas

And, of course, the best present will be a certificate for impressions. Consider both purely winter entertainment and classic options. A good gift for your beloved girl on Nikolai, who loves extreme sports, will be:

  1. Karting. In winter, you can go to the mall to have fun as safely as possible.

  2. Climbing wall. It can be difficult for beginners, but an experienced instructor will come to the rescue. As soon as the beloved gets involved, she will visit the climbing wall regularly. Not only to get positive emotions, but also to maintain physical fitness.

  3. Quest room. Only gaining popularity in Ukraine. You can go to meet difficult riddles and puzzles alone or with a group of friends. Choose a theme that your loved one likes. Then the gift for Nicholas to the girl will fall into the heart.

  4. Flight in a wind tunnel. Feeling like skydiving. Only much longer and with less harm to the body.

  5. Visit to shooting range. Not quite a traditional activity for a girl, but quite useful. In addition to the skill itself, it allows you to reduce the harmful effects of stress.

If you are not sure that your loved one will like the activity from this list, take a closer look at traditional certificates:

  1. A walk to the movies. What could be better than mountains of popcorn and soda? Is that renting your own cinema.

  2. Massage for two. It will help to relax, especially if on the eve of the Christmas holidays you had to solve a lot of problems.

  3. Master Class. Drawing with alcohol ink, classical painting or pottery — you can enjoy the process of creating things with your own hands alone or in the company of a loved one.

  4. Visit to the art workshop. More activity options. It will be possible to make a nice gift for Nikolai to a girl, regardless of her preferences.

  5. Practical course. If a girl has a hard and stressful job, she will need a course that teaches her to deal with negative emotions.

An original gift for Nikolay to a girl will be a ticket to a concert or theater. In general, anything that fits her values ​​and lifestyle will do.

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