What to present on the Day of the defender of Ukraine

The Day of Ukrainian Cossacks is traditionally celebrated on October 14th. Despite the fact that the holiday is tied to the male part of the population, its full name is the Day of Defenders and Defenders of Ukraine. Therefore, when buying a gift for October 14, do not forget about the women who, side by side with men, protect the integrity and freedom of our land. This holiday became especially important and memorable in 2022, when a full-scale war began. So I want to please the closest people: father or grandfather, brother or loved one, work colleague.

You should not buy banal Chinese souvenirs, especially for work colleagues. A certificate or a universal Giftmall gift card will help you stand out from the background of boring surprises. The latter is especially relevant, because war changes the values ​​and interests of each person. A certificate can refer not only to the purchase of certain goods, but also to the receipt of services or experiences.


TOP 15 best gift ideas for October 14

A gift for the Day of the Defender of Ukraine is about courage, invincibility, the desire to protect one's own freedom. This can be taken as a starting point even if it seems that it may be difficult to implement this idea in practice. Many men have recently replaced familiar things and tools with weapons, and this has become their main occupation. So the best gift ideas for a professional holiday include:

  1. Stationery.

  2. Smart watch.

  3. Quality leather accessories.

  4. Sportswear.

  5. Shoes.

  6. Care cosmetics.

  7. Elite alcohol.

  8. Coffee or tea.

  9. Psychology books.

  10. Board game.

  11. Goods for cars.

  12. Goods for recreation and tourism.

  13. Appliances.

  14. Goods for fishing or hunting.

  15. Military inventory.

The first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word "defender" is military ammunition. Such a present is a really good solution for people defending their homeland. Suitable products can be found in stores:

  • Military;

  • Dugout;

  • Epicenter.

A gift for Defender's Day should not be limited solely to professional activities. In addition, not every man serves in the army, and everyone will have to be greeted. A warm blanket, an aroma lamp or a set of coffee or tea will help you get distracted. Similar products can always be bought with a certificate:

  • Tea House;

  • Marco Coffee;

  • Buno.

Everything that will help to relax in the circle of relatives and friends is also suitable. These are books, board games that can be found with a certificate:

  • Bombatgame;

  • Yakaboo;

  • Old Lion Publishing;

  • Journals.ua.

Board games are an opportunity to develop logic and critical thinking, build strategies and make life-changing decisions. A good gift for a man is clothes or high-quality leather accessories. Search in:

  • Jack Wolfskin;

  • ZAVOD;

  • Mexx;


  • StreetWear.

Men often drive a car. Some of them love her even more than their own wife. So, auto parts will definitely come in handy. Among the current options are electronics and innovative gadgets. We are talking about various smart watches, wireless headphones, action cameras, flash drives. A certificate will allow you to buy such goods in:

  • Eldorado;

  • Comfy;

  • Mi Store;

  • DroneUA.

Gifts for Cossack Day are also about goods for recreation. Let the surprise be a new fishing rod or night vision goggles for hunting.

Universal gift for the Day of Ukrainian Cossacks

The Giftmall universal gift card is a comprehensive solution to several problems. Firstly, you don’t have to think about what to give to an unfamiliar colleague or friend. Secondly, it is a good alternative to money in an envelope. And they are especially inappropriate on the Day of the Defender of Ukraine.

Such a gift for October 14 has no professional and age restrictions. In addition, a person has enough time to think about what he really wants to receive as a gift. Unlike ordinary certificates, the Giftmall card has several other significant advantages:

  1. Different denomination. The amount can be from 200 to 50,000 UAH. Accordingly, you can clearly fit into the planned budget. For a loved one — a more expensive present, a work colleague — a budget one.

  2. Several types of certificates. You can give directly to the Giftmall plastic card in a beautiful package. If a person is at a distance, you can please him with an online certificate. It will be sent to the messenger or to the specified email address. And even when there is no access to the network, the code can be received by SMS.

  3. Possibility to use in parts. If the value of the selected gift is higher, the recipient simply pays the difference. Less — leave the rest for the next time. Most standard certificates are revoked and designed for one-time use.

Well, the key plus of the universal Giftmall gift card is the validity period of up to 60 months. Now life is so changeable, and events change so quickly that it is not always for gifts. But we can say with confidence that 60 months will be enough to accurately use the certificate and pick up a good gift for the Defender's Day. Is it possible to find something more successful and optimal for an important man?

Original gifts for the Defender of Ukraine Day for everyone

An original gift for October 14 is one that will definitely be remembered. Unusual form, application, versatility. A box or postcard will help to complement the main surprise. The box may resemble camouflage. Postcard — be funny and playful, for example, with the image of a certain animal with a helmet and a machine gun. You can also buy holiday packaging and a greeting card on the Giftmall website.

In search of original surprises, you should first look at the lifestyle of a man. If his hobby is collecting, it is enough to buy a new copy for his collection. A smoker should perhaps present an ashtray, a snuffbox or a pipe for smoking. A lover of outdoor activities will fit an electric barbecue, a set of flasks with glasses, a thermal cup, a tent, a folding knife or a multitool. Even banal care cosmetics can be found in a miniature format. However, it is important not to overdo it with creativity. It is better to give preference to the practical component, so that you definitely like the gift for the Defender of Ukraine Day.

What to give colleagues on October 14?

Congratulating men at work on the Defender of Ukraine Day is a fairly common occurrence. Usually the budget is quite limited, since one person must give a gift to several men at once. Then it is better to choose a certificate even with a face value of 200 UAH. Such gifts for colleagues on October 14 are a better solution than a Chinese souvenir in the form of a warrior or a cup with a photo. If colleagues did not serve, then you can become attached to the current place of work. Suitable:

  1. Certificate for household goods. There you can find not only a soft blanket or a cute tablecloth, but also the things men need: stationery, mugs, creative gliders.

  2. Book certificate. Now almost 90% of the world's population read books online. So why not choose a Yakaboo certificate? If you want to feel the aroma of a freshly printed book, send a colleague to the Old Lion Publishing House.

  3. Certificate for wine and spirits. Nice men's present. Look for original alcohol at BadBoy, Sabotage, OKwine.

  4. Certificate for sports goods. This is especially true for men who work in the office. They will definitely need an expander or something more serious: yoga blocks, a massager, new sneakers.

  5. Certificate for clothing and footwear. With a limited budget, it is difficult to choose a useful gift in this category. Still, you can buy a basic T-shirt, belt, or sports sweater.

It is also worth thinking about buying a certificate in one of the popular online stores. For example:

  • Jysk;

  • Deko;

  • Orner;

  • Buno.

Such a gift to colleagues on October 14 will definitely be useful, because it will save a lot of time on a physical visit to the store.

What to give a guy on October 14?

To the question of what to give a guy on Cossacks Day, you can give a clear answer — a useful and practical present. Material things are good. A certificate for impressions will help to strengthen relationships, distract from the monotony of everyday work. You can choose a personal option for him or use paired services:

  1. A walk to the movies. A classic certificate that will help organize a romantic date.

  2. Quest room. An activity that is only becoming popular. Different genres — from detective stories to horror films. Maximum immersion in events in the company of complex puzzles. For fans of computer games, quest rooms with elements of virtual reality are available.

  3. Karting. Every guy played Need for Speed. It's the same, only in real life. A high-speed race with friends is about drive and a lot of positive emotions.

  4. Skeledrome. Suitable for both beginners and professionals. There are coaching sessions. Let your chosen one conquer the highest peak in your life and impress your beloved.

  5. Flight in a wind tunnel. The guy will be delighted with such an extreme surprise! Feel free fall longer than when skydiving, and with less harm to the body — what better gift can you find?

What to give a man on October 14?

A gift for October 14 to a man is about love and care. Even if he never served the Motherland, now he is performing no easier task: protecting and protecting his relatives and friends. He definitely deserved a nice present for the Day of Ukrainian Cossacks.

It is much easier to arrange a surprise for a person whom you know well. There are several options: either a certificate for the purchase of certain goods, or for receiving a service, or for an impression. If you choose a material surprise, then it will do:

  1. Service station certificate. If a man is a dedicated car enthusiast, then such a gift will definitely come in handy. You can also buy a fuel card, which is also available for order on Giftmall.

  2. Certificate for the purchase of goods for the home. There he can choose something useful: a set of tools, a new cup, gardening supplies.

  3. Certificate for household appliances and electronics. Thus, women kill 2 birds with one stone: they make a pleasant surprise and, possibly, get a useful assistant at home, for example, a robot vacuum cleaner. After all, men are so happy with a variety of innovative gadgets.

  4. Certificate for accessories. Buying a new high-quality leather wallet, backpack or purse is also a good decision.

  5. Service certificate. Prefer Planet Kino cinema, Megogo online platform where you can watch football, EnglishDom or Wezom Academy online schools.

Well, if you want to spend more time together, then the perfect gift for a man on Cossacks Day is a certificate for an impression. Rest in an apart-hotel, a visit to a yacht club and a walk on the lake, horseback riding, a pair master class in painting with alcohol ink are suitable.

Well, the most important gift for October 14 is attention. Complement the main surprise with a romantic dinner or a postcard signed with your own hand.

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