TOP-15 ideas of what to give mom for her birthday

It would seem that it is difficult to find and choose a gift for mom, you can go according to the classic scheme and choose flowers and a sweet gift. And if such a gift would be suitable for Mother's Day, then you need to prepare more carefully for the birthday. If on the eve of the holiday you did not receive any hints from your mother about what she would like or what she has been dreaming of for a long time, and you did not come up with a gift for your mother - you can go for a walk through malls and souvenir shops.



However, we warn you at once that you are unlikely to find something unique, original and high-quality there. Most likely, the shelves will be filled with monotonous products of "Chinese" quality. It is unlikely that these are the gifts for mom that she is counting on, right? Of course, you can resort to tricks and ask mom or family about what she would like. But, as practice shows, you will not hear any answers except "I don't need anything" or "I don't need to spend money, it's better to buy something". Have you already caught the wave of disappointment? Not worth it, because we have a ready-made and proven version of the gift - a certificate. We have found the best gift for mom and offer you dozens of ideas on how to implement it, you can choose:

  • Certificate for shopping.

  • Certificate for services.

  • Impression certificate.

  • Universal Giftmall certificate.


Gift ideas for mom

To make your preparation for the holiday less problematic, we offer you ideas for a gift for mom's birthday, among which you can choose the gift that will appeal to your mother. TOP-15 gift ideas that every mom will be delighted with:

  1. Jewelry.

  2. Makeup.

  3. Perfumery.

  4. Household goods.

  5. Kitchen utensils.

  6. Bags.

  7. Accessories.

  8. The plant.

  9. Watch.

  10. The book.

  11. Glasses.

  12. Wine.

  13. Clothes or shoes.

  14. Rare types of coffee or tea.

  15. New gadget.


And now let's talk about everything in order. If you are looking for a gift for mom for a birthday anniversary, then it is better to prefer a more valuable gift. Jewelry, a new quality bag or a good watch will be a great option. In order not to bother with the choice, and then guessing whether you liked the gift or not, we advise you to buy a certificate in the following stores:

  • Pandora;

  • Ukrzoloto;

  • Zarina;

  • Blackwood;

  • Deck;

  • Second.


Cosmetics or perfumes will be a pleasant, useful and appropriate gift. But no matter how well you know your mother and her tastes, you can hardly guess, so let her choose for herself, and there are many things to choose from:

  • Brocard;

  • Aromatheque;

  • L'Occitane;

  • Piel Cosmetics;

  • Perfume office.



If your mother loves to create comfort at home and please your family with delicious food, you can prefer a houseplant, a new set, a blanket or a vase. If you do not choose these things carefully and meticulously, your mother will be much happier to choose yourself, because she knows better than anyone what is missing at home and what will be best suited. You can choose a certificate for this in:

  • BergHOFF;

  • Florium;

  • JYSK;



Gifts such as glasses, accessories or clothes and shoes will be appropriate if your mother follows fashion trends and loves shopping. It is possible to present to it such pleasure with shops:

  • Blackwood;

  • Intertop;


  • Spirit;

  • BrandOptics.


Does your mother understand wine, love rare species or collect it? Do you like to drink quality coffee or fragrant freshly brewed tea in the morning? In this case, a great solution would be to buy a certificate in:



  • Tea House;

  • Good.


We, like everyone else, believe that the best gift is a book, but only if it is properly selected and desired. Can't choose for yourself? Then the mother herself will choose in the online bookstore Yakaboo. Instead of a paper book, do you want to donate an e-book, is it possible to have a new smartphone or even a smartwatch? In this case, a certificate in:

  • Foxtrot;

  • Comfy;

  • My Store;

  • Hello.

Original gifts for mom

Among the above options, you have not found an original gift for mom? This is not a problem, in our arsenal there is still something to offer and something to impress! When choosing a gift for mom, you can start from the most banal and think about what women love the most - everything that looks good and smells good. An original birthday present for your mother is not necessarily a thing, you can give her the opportunity to feel like a real woman. We are talking about a certificate to a beauty salon. New manicure, updated hairstyle, eyebrow or eyelash treatments, or professional makeup that will emphasize the beauty of your mother. Well, what woman can consciously refuse such a thing?


You can also look at the certificate in the clinic of aesthetic medicine Dr. Zapolska Clinic. Women have their own little secrets that are known only to them and cosmetologists. Let your mother shine brighter than the stars! Want to choose a gift that would demonstrate your concern for your mother's health? A massage certificate would be a great option in such a situation.


When choosing a gift for mom, do not forget that she is primarily a woman, and women love everything beautiful and aesthetic. Therefore, enough attention should be paid to the festive packaging. At Giftmall you can find a selection of envelopes and boxes in which your gift will look truly festive and will stand out among other gifts. But that's not all .. Material gifts are cool, we all love them without exception, but mothers value spirituality the most. Along with the certificate on the site you can order a holiday card with a cute picture, and on the other hand you can write your own words of gratitude and wishes to your mother. We are sure that your mother also keeps all your postcards, since kindergarten, right?

Universal gift for mom from Giftmall

There are often times when no gift ideas are suitable for mom. We advise you not to even think about the money in the envelope, because at least it's not very nice. In addition, most likely, mom will just spend them on household needs, and she will think that you did not take the time even to come up with a gift for her. After all, in this case, the main thing is not a gift, but attention.


A great alternative in this case would be a universal card from Giftmall. On the one hand, it's like the same money in an envelope, but you will know for sure that mom will choose the right and desired gift. Everything works as follows, you choose:

  1. The face value of the card is from UAH 200 to UAH 50,000.

  2. Certificate type - electronic or SMS message on the phone.

  3. Send type (messengers or email).


Then your mom will be able to choose anything from the site for the amount of the certificate. For example, a certificate to a clothing or perfume shop, or a hot air balloon flight, or both. By the way, the difference in the amount can be paid extra when ordering. Now you don't have to worry about what to choose for your mother to please her, you don't even have to choose the certificate - it's all in her hands!


If in other companies similar certificates or certificates are generally available for only a few months, then you can buy a certificate from us with a validity period of 60 months! Your mother will definitely not have to hurry, there will be plenty of time to choose exactly what you need. Plus, this certificate is valid for all goods and services, as well as in all institutions that are offered on the site.

Emotional gifts for mom

On the nose is an extremely important date for your mom and a new bag, earrings or phone will not surprise her? And what about the fountain of emotions and memories for a lifetime? We assure you that there are gifts in our arsenal that your mother will definitely not be able to forget for the rest of her life! We are talking about certificates for impressions, this is an opportunity not only to make the best birthday present for mom and stand out from everyone else, but also to give real, sincere, positive emotions, which we so miss in everyday life.


The Impression Certificate is a memorable birthday gift for mom. There are many of them, we offer you a list of those that no mother can resist:

  • Horseback riding.

  • SPA day.

  • Hot air balloon flight.

  • Drawing master class.

  • Fashion and Design Course


Contact with animals is always soothing, especially if they are horses. The impression will take place in the equestrian club, before the walk your mother will be instructed and introduced to the horse, and then she will be able to feel how wonderful it is - to ride a horse! SPA for women is a little paradise on earth, self-care improves not only the condition of the skin, but also the mood!


A little extreme, but very romantic and beautiful gift - flying in a hot air balloon. With a beautiful landscape and great company, your mom will definitely have something to brag about to her friends! Does your mom have a knack for creativity? Then why not give her the opportunity to realize herself in drawing. Is she interested in fashion and likes to dress stylishly? In this case, accurately evaluate the course of fashion and design.


You no longer need to worry about what to give mom for her birthday. Just choose what you like best and be sure that mom will definitely get the dream gift!

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