Gift to a girl: secrets of choice

Preparing for any holiday, especially one as big as a birthday, is a headache for any guy, especially if you are in a long-term relationship. Sometimes there are situations when all possible gifts have already been given, the girl herself does not even hint what she would like, and the ideas for the gift to the girl are over.

It may seem that choosing a gift for a girl is a matter of a few minutes, you just need to choose something beautiful and stylish, and preferably sweet and flowers. But in practice everything is much more complicated. Gift ideas for a girl run out very quickly, and there are many reasons to congratulate your loved one. Even gift and souvenir shops do not save in this case, because they can not boast of an original and creative range, and do not want to give gifts of dubious quality that will not be practical and pleasant.

Giftmall offers to prefer certificates instead of classic material gifts. First, choosing a regular gift will take a lot of time, and secondly, you can not be sure that you guessed with the gift, and with the certificate there will be no such problems. We offer:

  1. Certificates for shopping. No matter which store, the main thing is to buy something new and beautiful, all girls without exception love it.

  2. Certificates for services. Hike to a beauty salon, beauty center or massage. We assure you that no girl agrees to such a surprise!

  3. Impression certificate. Do you intend to make the best gift for a girl? Then be sure to consider this option!

In addition, there is an opportunity to give a universal gift certificate, with which your girl will be able to choose a gift for herself, and accordingly, the question of what to give a girl for her birthday will disappear by itself. But about everything in order.


Gift ideas for a girl

Are you a fan of material gifts? Do you like to give things that will be useful, pleasant and reminiscent of you? We have prepared options for birthday gifts, among which you can choose a gift for your girlfriend and order them directly at the Giftmall.

  1. Jewelry.

  2. Makeup.

  3. Perfumes.

  4. Sports equipment.

  5. Clothes or shoes.

  6. Gadgets.

  7. Watch.

  8. underwear

  9. Kitchen utensils.

  10. Accessories.

  11. Household goods.

  12. Leather goods.

  13. Photobook.

  14. Goods for needlework.

  15. Pet products.

There are gifts that can be divided into a separate type - gifts for hobbies. If your girlfriend loves to play sports, can't imagine her life without baking or loves to embroider, it will be very appropriate to make a gift related to her interests. A great option would be a certificate in:

  • Sports Master;

  • Intersport;

  • Monpacie.

Want to take care of your girlfriend? Then we advise you to choose household products (plaid, candles, fragrances, plants) or products for her pet. Your girl will be able to choose such a gift with a certificate in:

  • Harley & Cho;

  • JYSK.

Want to make a heartfelt and memorable gift? In this case, we recommend looking at albums, photo books and photos. This is an opportunity to engrave warm memories in the form of photographs. Such a gift will never go out of fashion, will not get bored, and will always be stored in the home archive. Thanks to the certificate in, your girl will be able to choose what she likes.

Appearance is extremely important for any girl, but if your chosen one loves everything beautiful and fashionable, you should pay attention to leather goods, accessories or watches. You will hardly be able to choose trendy and desired models on your own, but by giving a girl a certificate you will give her the opportunity to choose exactly what she lacks. Choose from:

  • Second.

  • Miraton;

  • Stem;

  • Scotch & Soda;

  • Sammy Icon;

  • Blackwood.

Another option for the most popular, but the most desirable gift is clothes, shoes and, of course, underwear. We assure you that a new dress, shoes or lace set will definitely lift the mood of your girl, but only if you can guess the perfect size, color and style. Do you have a little doubt about your abilities? We understand, because tastes and trends change so fast. And here with the certificate in:

  • Zoe;


  • U-R-SO;

  • Emmelie Delage;

  • Replay;

  • DASTI;

  • StreetWear.

Your girl can choose the most fashionable dress and choose the perfect set of lingerie.

Original gifts for a girl

You already donated a watch and a handbag, your girlfriend doesn't like heels, and cosmetics and perfumes aren't exactly what you need? Are you looking for an original gift for a girl that would impress her and stand out from the crowd? What about taking care of her appearance, body and health?

In addition to certificates for shopping, we also offer certificates for various services. Does your girlfriend work a lot, often experience stress and fatigue? Let her relax and enjoy the heavenly pleasure with a certificate for a massage. For such a gift you will definitely receive the strongest hugs and a million "Thank you!". And what about the certificate in SPA? Care treatments, delicate masks and girls' secrets? Sometimes women miss this very much. Also, a trip to the beauty salon will be a win-win option, no girl has given up on a new hairstyle or manicure!

A certificate for self-development courses will be a great gift for a modern and purposeful girl, you can choose something classic, such as a certificate for language courses, or something more unusual - for example, a certificate for a course in nutrition.

However, choosing a gift is not the only thing you need to do, you should pay special attention to gift wrapping. No matter how cool and expensive the gift is, if it is not well packaged, the pleasant impression of the gift will be a little spoiled. Do not rush to go in search of gift wrap and watch videos on how to beautifully and stylishly pack a gift. In addition to certificates, we also offer gift boxes of different sizes and in different shades. And you can complement the gift with a cute card (by the way, you can also order it from us) with warm wishes.

Universal gift for a girl from Giftmall

It has already happened that the tastes and desires of the beautiful half of humanity change too often. Today the girl dreams of a new handbag as the same blogger, and tomorrow of a new phone, and in a week she will want a new palette of shadows in trendy shades. And how to keep up with everything here? We offer a proven scheme, thanks to which you will make the desired gift to the girl, while making a minimum of effort. Are we interested in you?

This is a universal card Giftmall. This is a certificate that is replenished for the amount you choose (from 200 to 50,000 UAH), and then your girlfriend can use it as soon as she wants. The card can be electronic or in the form of an SMS code. This certificate can be used in parts. That is, in this case you do not need to choose the gift itself, or the store, company or salon where you want to buy a certificate - all in the hands of your girl. By the way, if necessary, you can pay the difference on the site, it's very convenient.

Emotional gifts for a girl

By giving any gift, we strive to give positive emotions and memories, but the material thing can not always cause them. And what about the offer to give a real storm of emotions in a small envelope? Intriguing, isn't it?

When it comes to a creative gift for a girl, certificates of impression come into play. In this way, you can give your loved one a new experience, a dream come true or just a great time. Extreme, romance or relaxation - we have absolutely everything! Most often choose:

  • Paragliding.

  • Yacht charter.

  • Horseback riding.

  • Art master class.

  • Flight in an air tube.

Do you love your girlfriend for her extreme propensity and active lifestyle? Then she will accurately evaluate the certificate for a paragliding flight or a flight in an air tube. However, when choosing such extreme gifts (even though they are completely safe), you should take into account human phobias. For more creative and calm individuals, a master class in drawing or horseback riding will be an ideal option, it is an opportunity to relax, relax body and soul, as well as acquire a new skill.

If this does not suit you, and you are looking for a really amazing gift for a girl's birthday, then you will not find anything better than a trip on a yacht! This gift will be remembered for a lifetime, and what cool pictures for social networks can be taken there!


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