How touching to congratulate and what to give a brother for his birthday?

My brother is one of the closest and dearest people, the most interesting and fun things happened to him as a child, and in adulthood he is one of the few people you can count on. However, no matter how wonderful the relationship with my brother, what to give him on holidays, we, as always, do not know. A classic situation with family and friends, right?

The first thing that comes to mind is to go to gift and souvenir shops, but, as practice shows, the choice is monotonous, it is almost impossible to find something high quality and original. Such a gift to your brother as money in an envelope can not even be considered, because loved ones always see such a gift as the fact that you did not pay enough attention to choosing a gift.

When there is less and less time before the holiday, and the answer to the question of what to give a brother for his birthday you have not found, the last hope remains - Giftmall certificates. This is the most convenient, modern and universal gift. We offer to replace classic gifts and souvenirs of dubious quality with what you really need. On the site you can find:

  • Gift certificate for shopping. Dozens of stores with different products, and most importantly - you choose only the store, and the gift is chosen by the culprit of the holiday.
  • Gift certificate for services. Massage, a trip to the barbershop or car repair, together with Giftmall you can give anything!
  • Impression gift certificate. Extreme entertainment, active recreation or an interesting master class.

In general, at Giftmall you can realize all the gift ideas with a minimum of effort!


Gift ideas for brother

But if all the ideas for gifts for my brother were on one list, review it, choose the most necessary and the gift is ready! Especially for you, we have prepared such a list, as well as a list of tested and quality stores where you can order a certificate for Giftmall.

The best gifts for my brother for his birthday:

  1. Household appliances.
  2. Clothes or shoes.
  3. Jewelry.
  4. Sports equipment or clothing.
  5. Household goods.
  6. Book.
  7. A gift related to a hobby.
  8. Alcohol.
  9. Accessories.
  10. Leather goods.
  11. Drones and unmanned vehicles.
  12. Perfumes.
  13. Electronics.
  14. Goods for the car.
  15. Weapon.

And now let's talk about everything in order. Home appliances are a very cool gift, especially if it is something unusual, for example, a coffee maker (if your brother is a coffee lover, he will definitely appreciate such a gift!). However, you can never be 100% sure what kind of equipment you need, so the best option would be to choose a certificate instead of equipment:

  • Epicenter.
  • Foxtrot.
  • Eldorado.
  • Comfy.

There is probably no more popular gift option than clothes and shoes. We also fully support this initiative, as it is a practical and always necessary gift. At Giftmall you can choose a certificate in:

  • Calvin Klein;
  • Tommy Hilfiger;
  • The North Face;
  • LeBoutique;
  • StreetWear.

If you want to make a valuable and memorable gift, you will not find a better option than jewelry. Your brother will be able to choose them in:

  • УкрЗолото;
  • Golden Age;
  • Morse.

Is your brother most interested in sports in this life? In this case, do not think about the gift, the ideal option would be a certificate to a sportswear store and equipment, choose from:

  • Decathlon;
  • Intersport;
  • Athlete.

For practical people, gifts for the home or car will be a great option, because these are practical gifts that are sure to come in handy. You can find them in:

  • JYSK;
  • Epicenter;
  • Автомолл.

A universal and win-win version of the gift will be a certificate of alcohol in:

  • OKwine;
  • BadBoy.

Accessories and various leather products (bag, wallet, purse) are suitable for a man who cares about his appearance and wants to stay in trend. In this case, you should look at the certificate in:

  • Blank note;
  • LuckyLOOK;
  • The Wings;
  • Sammy Icon.

Original gifts for my brother

Sometimes you need to make gifts to those people who value them very much and love something original, unusual and interesting. It will be harder to find such a gift for your brother's birthday, but you won't have much trouble with it if you search for Giftmall.

Among the dozens of different original gifts, we advise you to look closely at:

  • Certificate in beer theater. This gift for your brother will be an ideal option if he loves beer and everything connected with it. Beautiful large establishment, different types of beer and unrealistically tasty snacks to them. Here he will feel a real thrill!

  • Certificate at the gas station. It will be a pleasure for any motorist to receive such a gift, because the issue of fuel and the need to refuel is an unpleasant topic for everyone behind the wheel.
  • Certificate in the quest room. This gift for his brother's birthday will allow him to have an interesting and unforgettable time with family and friends.

However, no matter which certificate you choose, there is one thing you will need to take care of in any case - it's holiday packaging. Agree, it is much more pleasant to receive as a gift well-packaged gifts, in stylish boxes, holiday packages or envelopes. At Giftmall you can order any packaging you like, and you can complement the gift with a cute card. Do not forget to sign it on the reverse side, your brother will be happy to read warm words of gratitude and sincere wishes.

A universal gift for my brother from Giftmall

When choosing a gift for anyone for any holiday, we always want to find something as universal and necessary as possible. It is almost impossible to choose something that would suit everyone, because we all have different tastes, and even if you choose a gift for your brother, it does not mean that you will guess with him.

We offer a universal version of the gift - Giftmall card. Here everything is as simple and clear as possible:

  1. You choose the face value of the certificate (from 200 to 50,000 UAH, the larger the amount - the more certificates your brother will be able to buy).
  2. You choose the type of certificate - physical, electronic or SMS code.
  3. You choose where the electronic certificate will be sent (if you choose it) - e-mail or messengers.

After that, your brother takes up the business, having a universal card with the nth denomination, he can choose anything from the range of the site - a certificate for shopping, services or impressions. The universal card can be used in parts, and if necessary, the difference can be paid extra. Or, if there is a balance on the card, you can use it for the next order, paying for it in full or in part. The great advantage of such a gift is that the card is valid for 60 months, so your brother can use it when needed.

This gift for your brother's birthday is an ideal option if you do not know what to give him, or are afraid to make a mistake with the choice. We always want to give something necessary and practical, and if it is difficult to choose, it is best to entrust the choice directly to the culprit of the holiday.

Emotional gifts for brother

Since childhood, we have had a close emotional connection with our brother, a person to whom we can entrust all the secrets, to whom we can complain or with whom we can laugh to tears. And for the closest and dearest, as always, we wish you all the best, in which case an emotional gift for your brother's birthday will be more appropriate than ever.

Given your brother's interests, hobbies and dreams, you can choose a certificate for a variety of experiences, including:

  • Arrival on a go-kart.
  • Extreme driving courses.
  • Hike to the shooting range.
  • Hot air balloon flight.
  • Paragliding.

Your brother just played with cars as a child and dreamed of becoming a cool racer, give him the opportunity to realize this dream at least for a while. Any man will be delighted with such an impression, we assure you! The situation is the same with extreme driving courses, but it's not just about extreme, but more about confident driving. After them, your brother will be much better at driving and will learn some tricks. Weapons are a weakness of many men, if your brother belongs to them, we advise you to consider as a gift a certificate to the shooting range, where you can try different weapons.

Any flight is a bit extreme, but when it comes to a balloon, it is beautiful, exciting and even a bit romantic. In the case of a paraglider, the situation is somewhat different, here you can feel like a free bird circling in the sky under the clouds. The feeling of complete freedom and unity with nature, and most importantly - it's all absolutely safe!

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