Wedding gift: how to do without coffee sets and money in envelopes

Wedding is an incredibly bright and joyful holiday, and while the bride and groom are preparing for it, guests are looking for interesting wedding gifts that would suit both the bride and groom. Previously popular services and sets of bed linen are now almost non-existent, you can choose as a gift proto money and flowers, but it will show your disrespect for the bride, especially if it is your family and friends.

Giftmall knows how difficult it is to choose gifts for newlyweds, because gift and souvenir shops can not boast of a wide range or unique options. In order not to give money in envelopes, but to really impress the newlyweds and make them happy, we offer to choose gift certificates.

On the site you can choose different types of certificates:

  • For shopping;

  • For services;

  • Impressive.

Just consider the interests and hobbies of brides when choosing a gift, and if you do not know what to give, you can always choose a universal card from Giftmall. This is much better than unnecessary souvenirs and gifts that have been lying on the top shelves for years and that no one uses.



Wedding gift ideas

It is easier for young people to choose wedding gifts when there is something to choose from. That is why we have compiled a list of great gifts that will be appropriate for any wedding:

  1. Household appliances;

  2. Jewelry;

  3. Household goods;

  4. Clothing / footwear;

  5. Photo picture / photo book;

  6. Goods for cars;

  7. Pet products;

  8. Elite alcohol;

  9. Cosmetics and perfumes.

  10. Hobby Gifts.

  11. Certificates for courses.

  12. Accessories.

  13. Books;

  14. Rest in hotel.

Usually it is after the wedding that the newlyweds start living together, so gifts such as household appliances or household items are very appropriate. Having moved to a new home, we all want to make it cozy and atmospheric as soon as possible, and you can help with this with your certificate. We recommend choosing from:

  • GREEN;

  • HIS;

  • Dishwasher;

  • Aroma Buro;

  • BergHOFF.

  • Eldorado.

  • Foxtrot.

A wedding gift is difficult to choose because it should traditionally be one gift for two people. But you can give two separate gifts, for example, jewelry. Of course, choosing the right jewelry is extremely difficult, because you need to know not only the preferences of the newlyweds, but also the size (in the case of rings or bracelets). The certificate eliminates this problem and allows newlyweds to choose jewelry to their liking from:

  • Zarina;

  • Yastreb Jewelry;

  • Youko Jewelry;

  • K.A.Z.A Women;

  • SOVA;

  • Cote & Jeunot.

If the wedding gift is to be heartfelt and memorable, you can order a certificate from There, the newlyweds will be able to choose a photo or photo magnets that will decorate their future home. If the gift on the contrary should be practical and useful, we advise you to prefer products for pets or cars, your loved ones will definitely appreciate the certificate in:

  • Harley & Cho;

  • Автомолл.

Looking for an original wedding gift for a friend? Then be sure to consider cosmetics and perfumes as an option. You can order a certificate in:

  • Hollyskin;

  • Biosthetics;

  • Le Pelerin;

  • Beaumonde;

  • Philip Martin’s;

  • Ramos.

Books and alcohol are also great wedding gifts from friends, but you need to know what to choose. And if you do not know, we advise you to give your friends the opportunity to choose for themselves, in addition, there are many things to choose from:

  • Yakaboo;


  • BadBoy;



  • OKwine.

Interesting wedding gifts

Wedding is the holiday when people receive the most banal, "creative" and not very necessary gifts. So you have to think hard about what to give for a wedding. Or just choose something from our list of interesting and original gifts:

  • Steam massage session

Do you know at least one person who would not like a massage? We also do not, so this is a very good gift option. Massage improves both physical and moral well-being, relieves fatigue and negative thoughts. And it's extremely romantic!

  • Horseback riding

New experience and skills, communication with animals and outdoor activities. Your friends will definitely like this idea!

  • Hike to the SPA salon

Looking for a wedding gift for a friend? Well, could there be anything better and more enjoyable for a girl than a day spent at the SPA? Maybe two days in the SPA.

When choosing what to give the newlyweds, do not forget about the appearance of the gift. At Giftmall you can choose boxes with a cool filling, which will be a great addition to the certificate, as well as stylish boxes. In addition, we advise you not to forget about the card. This is a cute little thing that will definitely lift the spirits of your friends when they open gifts and read warm words of wishes. It's so easy to give another smile!

Universal gift for young people from Giftmall

The problem with choosing a wedding gift is that you need to come up with a gift for two people at once. This is difficult to do even when the bride and groom are relatives and friends, and when they are just friends or acquaintances - choosing a gift is even more difficult. In this case, universal and classic options for gifts are very helpful, but with bedding "in the heart", coffee set or with money in an envelope with painted dollars is not very solid, agree?

In order not to worry about what to give for painting - we suggest you choose a universal card from Giftmall. This is a certificate that you can replenish in the amount of 200 to 50 000 UAH, it can be:

  • Physical;

  • Electronic;

  • In the form of SMS-code.

You can use this certificate in all stores, companies and establishments listed on the site. It can be used in parts, and if your friends choose certificates for more than the face value of the certificate, the difference can be paid extra.

In the case of a wedding gift, this option is ideal, because the bride can choose her gift from the site, and the groom - his. You will not have to worry about what you did not guess with the gift. With a universal card from Giftmall, brides can spend it on shopping, services or impressions.

Emotional gifts for newlyweds

There is hardly a more romantic holiday than a wedding, is there? Accordingly, the gifts on the receipt should be as follows. If ordinary gifts are hard to find, then original wedding gifts are almost impossible. We offer to pay attention to the certificates of impressions, it is an opportunity to give unforgettable emotions and memories. These are not banal material gifts that are hard to guess, or that will eventually break or go out of style.

The site presents a large number of different certificates for impressions, when choosing them you must take into account the interests and hobbies of the newlyweds. Of course you choose, and we in turn advise:

  • Certificate for master classes

  • Hot air balloon flight

  • Horseback riding

  • Buggy / ATV ride

  • Hike to the quest room

Spending time together is very close, so a variety of courses and workshops - this is a real find when you need to choose a wedding gift. Plus, it's one of the few gift options for two people at once. If you are looking for something really romantic and impressive, you will hardly find a better impression than flying in a hot air balloon. Fascinating flight, incredible landscapes, unforgettable emotions and unrealistically cool photos!

No less romantic, but more calm and down-to-earth experience - horseback riding. For many who try this impression for the first time in the future, it becomes a favorite hobby. In any case, it is a great experience, and contact with animals is always soothing.

If your friends like a more active and even extreme type of recreation - we advise you to look at trips on ATVs and buggies. It can be quite a quiet walk in the woods, or drive and extreme pokatushki, from which the blood will cool in the veins!

A trip to the quest room is also an original and interesting option for a gift, because the newlyweds can choose the theme of the quest. You can go on a quest with two or a group of friends.

The birth of a new family is a very sensitive and joyful holiday, think about how to greet the newlyweds beautifully and what to wish them, and Giftmall will find the perfect wedding gift options!


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