Start using gift certificates in your company today:

Staff motivation
A convenient and effective method for encouraging and rewarding colleagues. Build a strong motivated team, by creating a loyalty programme:
  • save time and money on logistics and procurement, by buying these universal rewards in one place;
  • enable your employees to choose their own gifts independently, as a reward for achievement of КРІs, by presenting a universal gift card at any shop;
  • reward your employees and show your appreciation of their work instantly, by sending out gift certificates by mass email/sms messaging;
  • rest assured that the technical support for the certificates is in the hands of a dedicated manager, who will advise your colleagues and resolve any issues concerning selection or use of gifts.
A way to encourage partners and dealers
An effective tool to increase the number of sales in your network of dealers and partners.
  • get ready-made tools to use for managing your incentive programme;
  • create new opportunities for improving the sales performance of partners/dealers;
  • convert the points earned by your partners into amounts of remuneration using certificates with flexible denominations;
  • monitor usage analytics;
  • automate the process to be able to provide rewards with just one click.
Motivation for repeat purchasing by clients
A revolutionary method of reward and encourage colleagues. Build a truly outstanding team, otstraivaya perfect loyalty program:
  • increase average sales, thanks to loyal clients;
  • encourage clients with rewards for repeat purchasing;
  • increase the likelihood of upselling.

Why us?

8 years on the market
More than 1,000 customers
The largest catalog of gift certificates in Ukraine
More than 100 brands
Cladding — any point of Ukraine
Legal and accounting support
Process automation
  • certificate distribution
  • technical support
  • reduction of costs associated with the delivery of certificates
  • Our judgement

    giftmall gift card
    the universal GiftMall card is the most versatile of gifts. It can be used to purchase every type of gift and service and is suitable for any budget.
    application of a logo to gift certificates/packages/cards.
    Creating a landing page for your loyalty program
    Creating a landing page for your loyalty programme — launching in 2 days, full gift catalogue, automatic adding up of points, online support.
    uploading the catalogue to your system.
    In developing
    B2B app
    loyalty programme on your smartphone.
    In developing

    Cases of giftmall

    Employee compensation on the basis of sales in the period
    Electronic giftmall gift card (in the form of SMS)
    Benefits for the company
  • employee loyalty is the same as for the payment of money
  • It covers all the categories of goods for comfortable use
  • motivation cost is cheaper than when paying cash (save 40%)
  • reducing logistics costs
  • Scale
    All Ukraine
    Encouraging employees on the results of the test to qualify
    giftmall gift card
    Benefits for the company
  • fulfillment of the conditions
  • integration with the local system
  • Scale
    All Ukraine
    Loyalty program aimed at increasing sales
    Description and nature
    Our company takes care of all the work related to the conduct of a loyalty program, from the collection of information on remuneration, delivery and payment of taxes.
    Benefits for the company
  • reducing costs for carrying out loyalty programs
  • reducing costs for carrying out loyalty programs
  • Scale
    All Ukraine
    Gifts for employees in honor of the New Year
    Tool: an electronic certificate of one of our partners (in the form of e-mail)
    Benefits for the company
  • fulfillment of the conditions
  • reducing the costs of logistics and operational work
  • receipt of reports on the use of and a reminder to employees about the timing of gifts of action.
  • Scale
    All Ukraine

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