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Universal card giftmall

A universal card means complete freedom in choosing a gift. The giftmall certificate allows the recipient to independently choose a product or service: from a gadget to a hot air balloon flight.

Catalog integration

It is very easy to integrate our catalog into your loyalty program, website or mobile application. Thanks to this, users will be able to quickly receive or buy gifts, as well as keep track of the current balance and denominations of certificates.

Turnkey solution for managing your loyalty program

Quick launch of your company page with an individual selection of certificates, the process of calculating the exchange of points for the participants of the loyalty / rewards program, which solves exactly your tasks. The ability to quickly deploy your own loyalty program, which allows you to:
  • see and segment all registered members; .
  • automatically transfer members from your CRM or others.
  • sources;
  • filter and segment the lists of recipients; .
  • track all transactions; accumulate analytics and collect reviews. .


We can easily apply your company logo or identity to certificates, packaging and gift cards.

Mailing service

The mailing service provides safe and prompt delivery of electronic and physical certificates to a different number of addresses. You no longer need to waste time packing the goods and arranging delivery to the recipients.

Calculator for saving money

The decision for the company is 1000 people to make a bag, as you save money with us. Use the calculator to find out the exact amount of money for your business.



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