What to give for housewarming to friends or family: the best ideas for life and soul

Housewarming is a holiday that requires special preliminary preparation both on the part of the owners of the new house and the guests themselves. Often housewarming is generally celebrated once in a lifetime. It is important to choose a present that will help maintain cleanliness and order, will make life in a new home easy and comfortable. So many people have a logical question: what to give for a housewarming, so that the present is useful and practical for all residents.

Do not focus on buying souvenirs. They will just stand and gather dust. The best option when there are no ideas at all is a gift certificate. Choose one of the stores specializing in decor and home goods, and the new home owners will definitely put it to good use.

Another good solution is the Giftmall universal gift card. It provides access to many goods and services. Most importantly, it is valid for 60 months. Therefore, its owner will be able to delay the choice of a housewarming gift. Maybe you need help completing the repair? Want to add cute little things to create a cozy atmosphere?


Housewarming Gift Ideas: TOP-43 Best Options

Preparing a housewarming gift for friends or family is a multi-star task. You can use the traditional way and choose a useful gift for home and life: a set of kitchen utensils, household appliances, small electronics. Another option is to buy something standard but approach the process with creativity. A housewarming gift must include:

  • creating warmth and comfort in the house;

  • decor of an apartment or house;

  • everyday life (practical use);

  • namely the inhabitants (interests and hobbies).

Now let's move from the general categories to a specific overview of the best housewarming gift ideas. Cute little things can create favorable weather in a new house. This is about:

  1. A set of towels.

  2. Bedding set.

  3. Tablecloth.

  4. Plaid.

  5. Decorative pillows.

  6. Bag chair.

  7. Evergreens.

  8. Apron for the kitchen.

  9. Potholders.

  10. Home suit.

  11. Pair pajamas.

  12. Flower stands.

  13. Vases.

  14. Photo frame.

  15. Biofireplace.

  16. Aroma diffuser.

  17. Aroma candles.

A good housewarming gift will be a thing that can be integrated into the interior. For example:

  1. Painting.

  2. Wall clock.

  3. Small fountain.

  4. Piggy bank.

  5. Housekeeper.

  6. Organizer for storing personal items.

  7. Mat.

  8. Support for flowers.

  9. Folding table.

  10. Fruit basket.

You can find similar products in JYSK, BergHOFF, Orner, Deko, Epicenter, HIS stores. Guessing with most of these gifts, such as the design and size of a plaid or tablecloth, can be difficult. So a good solution is a gift certificate to one of these stores.

And, of course, in the list of answers to the question: what is at stake for a housewarming party, there is definitely an option — a useful and practical gift. It can refer to the kitchen or bathroom. One of your friends or the whole family. Here are some really worthwhile gifts:

  1. Wireless vacuum cleaner.

  2. Multibaker.

  3. Multicooker.

  4. Portable garment steamer.

  5. A set of knives.

  6. Electronic knife sharpener.

  7. A set of dishes.

  8. Pots.

  9. Pan.

  10. Accessories for serving a festive table.

  11. A set of glasses.

  12. Air quality sensor.

  13. Home surveillance camera.

  14. Humidifier.

  15. Wireless speaker.

  16. Desk lamp.

Look for household appliances and portable electronics in Eldorado, Comfy, Mi Store stores.

Original housewarming gift

Sometimes you want to move away from stereotypical answers about what to give for a housewarming. Then you can immerse yourself in creativity and look for ideas for original presentations. For example, a gift does not have to be related to an apartment. Perhaps your friends will be pleased to receive something that they can do at home? We are talking about various products for hobbies:

  1. Horizontal bar.

  2. Embroidery kit.

  3. Painting by numbers.

  4. Decoupage accessories.

  5. Diamond mosaic.

  6. Yoga mat.

For loved ones, an original housewarming gift can have a playful connotation:

  1. Family wall code.

  2. A set of glasses with the signature "Drunk".

  3. Giant alarm clock.

  4. Cake with a funny caption.

Do not forget that loud laughter will be heard regularly in the new house and friends will gather. So a board game or a puzzle will help make one of these evenings fun and incendiary.

An original gift will also be a certificate for emotion. For example, to attend a practical master class in painting. First, friends will learn how to create real masterpieces, and the finished picture will be able to hang in the bedroom. You can also arrange a visit to the art workshop. Several dozen directions — millions of ideas for creating decor elements and home comfort. For such a gift, friends or relatives will definitely be thankful for a long time. In addition, it was likely that someone represented something similar. What can not be said about dishes or houseplants.

A gift is only half the battle. It is equally important to take care of the holiday packaging and greeting card. The latter can be signed with your own hand, and handing it over to the owners can be combined with a long tradition of sowing fortunately in a new house in small coins.

Festive packaging is important even for a gift certificate, which should be placed in a colorful box. It is better to wrap large household appliances in gift paper. Let the perpetrators of the holiday try to guess for themselves what kind of gift it is. Boxes and greeting cards can also be found at Giftmall. So now you can choose a housewarming gift for family or friends in one place.

Universal housewarming gift for friends

It so happened that the housewarming is already close, but the gifts are not ready? Is there a delay in shipping from the online store? Failed to find out what your friends dream of getting? There is a way out — a universal Giftmall gift card. Its advantage is that it does not limit the person. Use certain services or choose the right products for a specific amount, what could be better?

The Giftmall universal gift card is valid for 60 months. While a regular certificate usually expires within 6 to 12 months. Anyone who seeks to make such a useful gift needs:

  1. Select a card type. It can be plastic (a good option for a gift at the celebration itself) or electronic. An online certificate is useful for those who want to congratulate their loved ones on an important event in life, but are far away or for some reason cannot attend the celebration. The certificate can be received by email (suitable for parents who rarely use instant messengers) or using Viber and Telegram applications. Also, the code of the Giftmall universal gift card can be received by SMS. So it will be possible to make a person pleasant even without access to the Internet.

  2. Specify denomination. The minimum face value is UAH 200, the maximum is UAH 50,000.

  3. Choose a card design. The card itself has a stylish and concise look. Only the envelope in which it is placed changes.

Thanks to Giftmall, you can save a lot of time and effort. It remains for guests to enjoy the holiday and pleasant company, and the owners of the new home — to choose the right moment to go for their housewarming gift.

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