What to give your sister for her birthday: TOP 15 best ideas that are not related to age and hobbies

The question of what to give your sister for her birthday always causes a lot of anxiety. It is necessary to analyze not only the interests and preferences of a loved one, but also take into account age. In addition, sisters are not always willing to share information about their dreams and desires with their brothers, even the closest ones.

You can simplify the process of choosing a gift if you replace the stereotypical present with an unusual surprise — a certificate. Despite the fact that some people perceive such a surprise with skepticism, a gift card with a certain denomination is the most practical gift that has no age or interest restrictions. A certificate is not only about buying familiar goods. It may also refer to receiving a specific service, such as a hands-on workshop. Separately, it is necessary to highlight the certificate for emotions. The best thing a brother can give his adult sister is an unforgettable experience for her birthday.

If there are no ideas at all, then you should not buy the first thing that comes across in the mall. Firstly, such a present does not reveal all the warm feelings. Secondly, if there are no ideas, then it will not be possible to pick up a useful and practical gift. But you can stop at the universal Giftmall gift card. It opens up access to a thousand goods and services from different companies and stores, so the birthday girl will definitely be able to choose a gift for herself.


TOP 15 best birthday gifts for sister

Sometimes you want to please a loved one, but there are not enough ideas. So, we offer a list of 15 things that are considered a good gift option for a sister:

  1. Cosmetics.

  2. Perfume.

  3. Action camera, smartphone, smart watch.

  4. Massager.

  5. Goods for home comfort (plaids, bedspreads, scented candles).

  6. Pajamas.

  7. Board game.

  8. Earrings or pendant.

  9. Sports equipment or clothing.

  10. Bag briefcase.

  11. Sketching kit.

  12. Painting by numbers.

  13. Book.

  14. Large evergreen plant.

  15. Hair styler.

Having decided to buy cosmetics, perfumes or certain accessories, a loved one must understand: it will not be possible to guess 100% with the choice of a birthday gift for a sister. So it is better to present a certificate, but with a specific end goal of the purchase.

So, high-quality professional cosmetics or perfumes can be chosen in such multi-brand networks:

  • Brocard;

  • Le Pelerin;

  • Joko Blend;

  • Kiko Milano.

It will be possible to impress a sister at the age of majority with the help of jewelry. Buy a certificate, and then help a loved one with the choice of design and the product itself in one of the stores:

  • Pandora;

  • KUZ;

  • Golden Age.

Is your sister interested in innovative technologies? Let a flagship smartphone, smart watch or action camera become a gift for your sister. With the help of the latter, by the way, you can create memorable family videos and record your brother's punctures. You can buy all this at:

  • Foxtrot;

  • Eldorado;

  • Mi Store;

  • CE TO.

It is easier to look for a present when the sister has certain hobbies. The photographer sister will need a new tripod. Make-up artist — the book "The Art of Color", professional cosmetics, a variety of cases for storage and transportation. If a loved one is looking for himself in creativity, let a painting by numbers, a diamond mosaic, an embroidery or knitting kit be a surprise. Similar things can always be found in:

  • Orner;

  • Deco;

  • Epicenter;

  • HIS;

  • SABO concept.

The list of these 15 gifts is for an adult sister or teenager. What about the smallest, requiring even more attention? Giftmall has provided certificates for the tiny princesses. A good surprise for a younger sister on her birthday will be:

  1. Doll.

  2. Set for creating jewelry.

  3. Coloring.

  4. Storage box for personal items.

  5. Locked diary.

  6. Dress.

  7. Development game.

Give the baby a certificate, and she, along with her parents and older brother or sister, will choose everything that her sincere childish soul wishes in one of the stores:

  • House of toys;

  • SMIK;

  • Antoshka;

  • Fairy tale New;

  • OVS kids.

Original birthday gifts for sister

An original gift is one that stands out and looks impressive at a high-profile family holiday. Originality depends on the age of the sister. If the older girl is difficult to surprise, then the kids are just beginning to explore the world.

Yes, for 14 years, you can impress a girl with branded high-heeled shoes. She definitely dreams of such, like all her girlfriends. Teenagers generally appreciate everything that is connected with their growing up.

The young sister will like a variety of leather accessories, for example: a purse, a bag, a belt. The further, the more practical the gifts will become. A woman who has been working for a long time will need a small coffee machine. So she can relax and tune in to a productive work day. A sleeved plaid is another fun option to help keep you warm during your evening reading.

An original gift for a sister on her birthday begins with an aesthetic component. Giftmall offers boxes that are sure to melt a sister's heart. Bright colors, unusual prints — not only the content of the box is important, but also its design. And don't forget the holiday greetings. We know, we know, finding sincere words can be difficult. But they can always be written on the back of a holiday card, which will definitely cheer you up, and then will remind you of a brighter day. Recall some fun moments from your childhood and show your sister how much you love her.

Universal birthday gift for sister from Giftmall

How to make a gift to your sister for her birthday, which will not depend on age, interests and distance — ask. Choose a universal Giftmall gift certificate — we will answer.

Everything is very simple. A brother or sister buys a Giftmall card. Gives it to her sister. She chooses what she needs in her free time. The declared 60 months is definitely enough to make a choice. Ordinary certificates often have a shorter validity period. The certificate is available in several versions:

  1. Physical. An ordinary plastic certificate that you can bring with you to the holiday. Features a striking design.

  2. Electronic. Sometimes it happens that hundreds of kilometers separate us from our closest relatives. In this case, an electronic certificate will help remind you of yourself. Our team will send it to email or to a convenient messenger (Telegram or Viber).

  3. SMS. The best option is when the sister is abroad. It will be possible to receive a pleasant notification about a gift certificate even without access to the Internet.

The only thing you have to take care of is the value of the certificate. It can vary between UAH 200-50,000. This is enough to make her sister's cherished dream come true.

Such a gift to a sister is also optimal because she can pay the difference on her own if she does not have enough for a certain purchase. If the denomination, on the contrary, turned out to be more, then the rest of the money can be used next time. Some networks typically revoke the certificate even if the remainder has not been used.

Emotional gifts for sister

If material things do not amaze the sister, choose emotions. In this case, a person rejoices twice: the first time when he receives such a gift. The second is when it brings it to life.

Teenagers are prone to extreme recreation and active entertainment. So choose one of the following emotions for your school-age sister:

  1. Quest room. Quest rooms with professional actors are the best gift for a sister. It is enough to choose the motive that she and her company liked: a horror film, a detective story, or, perhaps, a movie based on psychiatric hospitals?

  2. A walk to the movies. A good opportunity to have fun with family or friends. The long-awaited premiere and crispy popcorn are what you need for a successful birthday celebration.

  3. Karting ride. If some active entertainment is not allowed for children under 18, then karting is an exception to the rule. You can arrange a race even in adolescence. Special equipment gives confidence and makes you feel like in the movie "Fast and the Furious".

  4. Climbing wall. A visit to the climbing wall is not only interesting, but also useful. Regular exercise helps keep fit.

  5. Master Class. For a creative sister — a master class in drawing or painting. If she is interested in innovative technologies, you can try yourself in VR reality.

The older sister will appreciate both active extreme entertainment and a relaxing holiday. For example, a good gift for a sister would be a buggy ride on forest roads or a jeep ride. No less successful options for emotional presentations:

  1. Flight in a hot air balloon. Let the sister meet her best sunrise in her life in the sky.

  2. Yacht trip. Organize an incredible bachelorette party on a yacht for your loved one. Champagne, live music, hot sun — not a birthday, but a Hollywood movie.

  3. Practical course. Maybe your sister has long wanted to learn how to sew? Or interested in fashion and design? Give her a certificate for one of the courses at the Arthouse creative workshop.

  4. Lakshmi SPA. Rest, relax, be inspired — all this will be possible thanks to the Turkish hammam and professional masseurs.

  5. Walk on horseback. Contact with these animals is not just a pleasant pastime. It is also psychotherapy and an aristocratic hobby.

We hope that now it has become easier to find the answer to the question of what to give your sister for her birthday.

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