Corporate gifts: what to give to employees, clients and partners?

When the Christmas and New Year holidays or professional days are approaching, companies begin to actively prepare corporate gifts. Interestingly, pleasant surprises are also made on the occasion of the start of a career in the company (the so-called Welcome Kit). Sometimes presentations are also designed for clients and business partners. Ideas for corporate gifts can be found on the websites of many online stores. Only here in the pre-holiday chaos it is easy to get confused without finding an individual solution for a particular company.

The Giftmall service offers its fresh look at the right corporate present. The company has been creating corporate gifts for more than 9 years, having won the trust of 1000 customers. The main product is a gift certificate or a universal Giftmall card. The certificate is a practical tool for motivation, encouragement and reward. A universal gift card gives access to 300 brands represented in different parts of Ukraine. So it will be possible to use the services of the service even in the most remote cities.

The Giftmall arsenal has both ready-made options for corporate gifts and customized solutions for a specific business. Among other advantages of our corporate presentations:

  1. Communication with the customer. Specialists not only collect wishes, but also develop branded proposals. Each gift can be customized for clients or create an original concept from scratch.

  2. Verified partners. Certificates are available only in trusted stores with high-quality and original goods.

  3. Packaging and postcards. In addition to the gift itself, you can order a box with a company logo and a postcard. Practicality + positive emotion.

  4. Complex solutions. For IT corporations, special advantageous offers have been developed for an integrated catalog, an internal loyalty program and a mailing service. You don't have to waste time searching for designers, manufacturers, performers, etc.

  5. Calculator Savings. Large corporations can calculate the amount that can be saved in a few clicks.


Corporate Gift Ideas

Ideas for successful corporate gifts are not limited to mugs with a company logo and a wall calendar. In general, it is not always necessary to give a material present. Perhaps it is better to give complete freedom to your employees, customers and partners along with a gift certificate.

So they can choose and buy really useful gifts. It is enough for the company to indicate the denomination of the certificate, and its owner to use it at a convenient time.

In general, the choice depends on the internal policy of a particular business. The Giftmall service helps in the implementation of each idea.

Universal certificate is the best solution

The universal Giftmall card has no age, gender or professional restrictions. This is a great option when you need to motivate several hundred employees with different interests. This will save you valuable time and money. The organization will be completely taken care of by our service.

Giving gifts to employees in the form of a universal Giftmall gift card has several key benefits:

  1. Denomination. The amount in the certificate can vary from 200 to 50,000 UAH. So, depending on the event and the status of the employee, client or partner, you can choose the appropriate cost of the presentation.

  2. Send type. If the company employs several hundred people, it may not be practical to give everyone a plastic certificate. In this case, the code from the card will be sent to your email or messenger (Viber or Telegram). You can also use SMS.

  3. Implementation option. The certificate may refer to the receipt of services, the purchase of goods online or offline. Separately, it is necessary to highlight the certificates for the impression. How to use the face value of the Giftmall card and what to spend it on, everyone chooses for himself. Last but not least, the balance on the card is not canceled, as is the case with a standard certificate. The difference can be paid in addition if the goods cost more than stated in the face value.

The main advantage of the Giftmall universal gift card is the expiration date. It is 60 months. So each employee will have enough time to find the necessary goods and services.

Original corporate gifts

Each company strives to stand out against the background of monotonous offers. Original corporate gifts are those that are based on the interests and needs of a particular person. It is equally important that they are beautifully packaged and presented. Remember that employees will definitely share joyful moments on their Instagram. This is how the image of the company is formed. A special role should be given to personal congratulations and wishes. Separate postcards with different connotations can be attached to corporate gifts for employees, clients and partners. Bright basic boxes or packages with a corporate identity, backed up by greeting cards, can also be ordered on the Giftmall website.

Each present should be emotional and useful. For example, IT companies often choose a certificate for a massage or a gym. It is precisely this kind of activity that is lacking for people who sit motionless for hours in offices in front of monitors. As a rule, elite alcohol, coffee or tea, sweets are sent to business partners. On the eve of the Christmas holidays, you can give playful gifts. They should relate to certain internal rules and restrictions, professional jokes.

Corporate gifts with a logo are also a powerful marketing tool. Because in business it is important not only to earn money, but also to receive positive friendly feedback. A well-chosen gift becomes original in itself. Offers from Giftmall remind you how important it is to pay attention to colleagues and clients.

What to give employees on the birthday of the company?

Gifts for employees on the company's birthday must necessarily convey internal traditions and values. For example, if the corporation is eco-friendly, then you should not give a plastic pen. It is better to put a reusable thermal cup, a water bottle, a shopper. Prefer certificates that allow you to “cover” several areas at once:

  1. Certificate for the purchase of goods in the online store. It is better to choose an online store, which allows you to save a lot of time on a physical visit to the store. Epicenter, Marco Coffee, OKwine, ZELENA are the places where you can find good stationery, nice little things for comfort and relaxation after work, useful books and delicious delicacies.

  2. A certificate for receiving a specific service. It doesn't have to be about life inside the office. For example, on the birthday of the company, you can please employees with the opportunity to order food delivery from a local restaurant.

  3. Impression certificate. Most companies in recent years have tended to believe that the best motivation is spending time together outside of work. So, organize a visit to the master class for your employees, pay for the online course.

If you need to reach several hundred people with different lifestyles, it is better to give preference to the universal Giftmall gift card. Maybe a person cannot imagine his life without a pet. So she can access partner pet stores.

What to give employees on October 14?

Defender of Ukraine Day is an important holiday. Even if not all employees served in the army, you need to please them with a good present. In this case, corporate gifts for men should be directed specifically to “male” activities:

  1. Certificate for the purchase of goods for recreation. It can be outdoor activities with tents, attributes of a certain hobby, such as fishing or hunting. Look for necessary goods in Epicenter, Military, Dugout.

  2. Certificate for the purchase of sporting goods. Even if a person is not actively exercising, a new pair of running shoes may be useful. Therefore, a certificate from Sportmaster, Intersport, Decathlon would be a good solution.

  3. Certificate for the purchase of leather accessories. A new backpack, leather wallet or purse — you can find it all in Blackwood, Blanknote, The Wings.

  4. Certificate for strong alcohol. Men will always appreciate such a present. You can find such a gift in BadBoy, Sabotage, WINETIME. Even if a person does not drink, they can choose a tasty supplement or a soft drink.

A barbershop or karting certificate is also suitable. In general, everything that concerns especially men.

What to give employees on March 8?

Finding corporate gifts for women is not easy. In addition to flowers and sweets, pay attention to the following categories of certificates:

  1. Cosmetics and perfumery. You can’t put various screening tools in a standard box, but you can always choose a certificate. Brocard, Watsons, EVA, Mr.SCRUBBER — there are many useful and interesting things for women with different preferences.

  2. Clothing and footwear. Pay attention to stores that recommend specifically women's products: Must Have, Dari Co, Garne, Kachorovska.

  3. Accessories. If men prefer leather accessories, then women can be offered a visit to Pandora, Accessorize, LuckyLOOK.

You can complement the main present with the help of goodies that you should look for in Novus, YARO, Cheese Kingdom. You can also add wine and other low-alcohol drinks presented in GOOD WINE, OKwine. Well, how without flowers on International Women's Day? A good alternative to a rapidly fading bouquet of tulips is an evergreen houseplant. She can decorate the house or show off on the desktop. You can also order a certificate from the Garden Center or Florium.

What to give employees for the New Year?

New Year is the most anticipated holiday. The much-desired vacation is coming. Therefore, HR departments of leading companies often decide to reinforce positive emotions with a good gift. In this case, it is better to divide options for corporate gifts into men's and women's. Statistics say that about 80% of employees of different companies would rather choose cash if there was such an opportunity. Therefore, there is almost no doubt that the certificate is the optimal solution. It is better for women to present:

  1. Sweets. You can fill the festive box with different jellies, chocolates, bars. A good alternative is a certificate for Milk Pub, Novus, Tea House.

  2. Fruit sets. Exotic fruits are what you need on New Year's Eve. Fresh fruit delivery from Auchan or another supermarket is also suitable.

  3. Sets for self-preparation of drinks. The self-made mulled wine set from Sabotage will help you relax and unwind in the company of your loved ones.

  4. Goods for decor. New Year's toys, window decorations, bright garlands — all this must be in corporate gifts for women.

  5. Products marked «eco-friendly». Women are often more conscious about their lives. So a reusable shopper, a waste sorting container, a thermal cup is a good gift for the New Year.

Men will need everything that will help them relax, have fun at home and relax with friends:

  1. Alcohol. Strong alcohol is always a good present on the eve of the Christmas and New Year holidays.

  2. Sports equipment. A meditation mat, expander, or massager is a useful choice.

  3. Board games. The best options are presented in the online catalog of the Bombatgame store.

  4. Electronics. Wireless headphones, a variety of trackers, an air humidifier, a power bank — all this an employee can buy at Mi Store, Comfy, Eldorado.

  5. Subscription to streaming platforms. We are talking, for example, about Megogo. The service provides access to hundreds of films and series, as well as live sports broadcasts.

So there are plenty of good ideas for corporate gifts. The main thing is that they broadcast the culture of the company and be useful to all employees.

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