What to give for St. Nicholas Day to relatives and loved ones?

St. Nicholas Day is one of the most anticipated holidays, which is usually celebrated in a close family circle. Not only children, but also adults dream of receiving a gift for Nikolai. A traditional present is sweets, seasonal fruits and cute little things. To this basic list, a certain interest should be added. For example, a kitchen gadget for mom is useful, a set for making mulled wine on your own for your father, a romantic dinner for your beloved. On the contrary, it is better to refuse Chinese souvenirs, which abound in store shelves on the eve of holidays. If there are no ideas, then such a present can be replaced with a certificate or a universal gift card offered by Giftmall.


Universal gift for St. Nicholas

When the question arises of what to give Nikolai, think globally. A loved one can be helped to realize his cherished dream. Let her remember this day and find herself in the center of a real Christmas fairy tale. Remember that a gift should be useful, not just good. So if nothing comes to mind, give preference to the universal Giftmall gift card. She resembles a golden key that opens all doors and offers unlimited power (sorry, not over people). If Scrooge McDuck was born in the 21st century, he would definitely invest all his savings in her.

Why the best gift for Nicholas is the most versatile Giftmall gift card? It's simple:

  1. No restrictions. Let a person buy whatever he wants: cosmetics, clothes, accessories, jewelry, household appliances. Just to fit in the planned budget.

  2. Several implementation options. The certificate can be plastic or obtained online. For example, in the messenger or by e-mail. Or even a code in an SMS message, so that a person does not even have to look for access to the network if he is abroad.

  3. Denomination. The amount that a person can use varies from 200 to 50,000 UAH.

  4. Validity. If a classic certificate to one of the stores, as a rule, is valid from 6 to 12 months, then the Giftmall card is valid for 60 months. So with the choice of a present, you can not rush and think carefully about the purchase. And make yourself happy when the euphoria from the Christmas holidays subsides.

  5. The rest on the map. If a product or service costs more, you can pay the difference. Less — the rest is allowed to use next time. In the case of a regular certificate, it is usually revoked.

So if the best gifts for Nicholas for family and friends are money, use the alternative option.

Gift ideas for Saint Nicholas

Do you want to make loved ones or loved ones pleasant and surprise them with a present under the pillow, as in a distant childhood? Then we offer the best gift ideas for Nicholas:

  1. Innovative technology.

  2. Kitchen tools

  3. Clothes.

  4. Accessories.

  5. Jewelry.

  6. Perfume.

  7. Cosmetics.

  8. Decor items.

  9. Christmas decorations.

  10. Books.

  11. Toys.

  12. Board games.

  13. Set for creativity.

  14. Sports accessories.

  15. Delicious delicacies.

  16. Coffee or tea.

  17. Elite alcohol.

  18. Office.

  19. Indoor evergreens.

  20. Goods for cars.

Start your search for the best gifts for Nicholas with the interests and hobbies of a particular person. Some categories of gifts (gadgets, clothes and accessories, jewelry) will appeal to everyone. A tablet or a new TV for watching old Christmas movies, a robot vacuum cleaner for a quick cleaning, or wireless headphones for listening to Jingle Bells — all this can be found with a certificate in such stores:

  • Hello;

  • Comfy;

  • Mi Store.

To the question of what to give parents for Nikolai, you can give an unequivocal answer — a useful and practical present. Focus around kitchen utensils sold in:

  • Epicenter;

  • BergHOFF;

  • Posudmaister.

To warm up on warm winter evenings, a certificate in the online store of the JURA coffee machine will help. Or a warm blanket purchased from the Jysk chain of stores. In general, household goods are the best category for finding a good gift for Nicholas. Pay attention to warm clothes, holiday prints, themed fragrances (pine, vanilla, cinnamon). So you should think about buying a certificate in:

  • Aroma Buro;

  • HIS;

  • Yaroslav;


  • Good Wine Home.

Children and adults can pick up a memorable gift with a certificate for SABO concept. Wooden toys are not only thematic, but also beautiful. If you want to make the New Year holidays fun and spend a lot of time with your family, use the Bombatgame certificate. Well, where without a tasty addition? This day is not complete without sweets to look for in:

  • Auchan;

  • Novus;

  • YARO;

  • Knot;

  • Rainbow.

What to give parents for Nicholas?

Gifts for mom and dad for Nikolai are very important. Remember how long they were looking for everything that their children dreamed of getting from St. Nicholas in their childhood and what they wrote about in a letter. Now it's time for the children to thank their parents and give them pleasant memories.

A gift for parents on Nicholas should be useful and practical. It is important to remember that their interests are not limited to the family. Mom not only cooks and cleans, but dad does not always fix everything. Maybe they have their own interests? For example, needlework, fishing, gardening. Thematic present will be the best solution.

What to give mom for Nicholas?

Most likely, my mother is the person who helped write letters to St. Nicholas in childhood. Now her time has come, so you can give a beautiful stationery set. Also, to the question of what to give Nikolai to his mother, you can give an unambiguous answer — something that she always denied herself. Maybe an expensive set of dishes or a food processor? Also suitable certificate for:

  1. Cosmetics and perfumery. The body and face require special care in winter. It can be difficult to guess with mom's taste, so it's better to stop at a certificate from Brocard, Lush, Le Pelerin, Tink, TUFISHOP.

  2. Jewelry. Pandora will help you add a bead to her bracelet, and SOVA, Zarina, Yastreb Jewelry will help you create your own unique jewelry.

  3. Household products. This is generally the best solution for a mother who can choose everything she needs: from blankets and a set of bed linen to a vase or a picture.

  4. Clothing and footwear. What woman doesn't love shopping? Let mom update her wardrobe from Must Have, LeBoutique, Mango.

  5. Accessories. You can buy a new leather handbag or wallet at Parfois, Blackwood, The Wings.

What to give dad for Nicholas?

If the question arises of what to give dad for Nikolai, there is only one answer — a practical present. These include a certificate for:

  1. Service certificate. If the father drives a car, you can always give him a certificate for his maintenance. This category also includes fuel cards that can be ordered on Giftmall.

  2. Wine and spirits. GOOD WINE, WINETIME, BadBoy, OKwine will help you relax with your mom or meet friends.

  3. Electronics. Gadgets are the prerogative of men. Perhaps dad dreams of a smart watch or an electronic alarm clock?

  4. Goods for sports. Men are more active in sports than women. Mostly in the gym. So a good gift for the holiday will be sports equipment, a suit or a pair of new sneakers.

  5. Fishing and hunting. Purely male occupations for which preliminary preparation is required. Look for everything for this in Military, Dugout and Epicenter.

  6. Books. A good gift, definitely worth it. Buying books will allow a certificate from Yakaboo or Old Lion Publishing.

Men rarely like to shop offline. Dad is no exception, so in this case, you should take a closer look at the certificates for the online store. It is also worth thinking about couple surprises that will allow parents to spend time together.

What to give a girl for Nicholas?

A gift to a loved one is always pleasant and important. Especially on Christmas Eve. To the question of what to give a girl for Nicholas, you can give many answers. The best solution is a certificate of impression, which can be used by two. For example:

  1. Couple massage. It will help you relax and unwind after a busy day at work. Especially when you have to close a lot of "tails" on the eve of such a coveted weekend.

  2. All day at the SPA. Even better than the previous version. A good opportunity to relax together in a comfortable hotel room and enjoy a full range of body and face care.

  3. Drawing master class. Create something with your own hands and decorate your apartment with a new painting — isn't it ideal for a romantic date?

  4. Paragliding. For real extreme people — outdoor activities. Winter landscape, cool air, a feeling of maximum freedom, a sea of ​​emotions, new photos on Instagram.

  5. Walk on horseback. A peaceful way to spend time together. Walking through the forest and communicating with horses will not only entertain, but also allow you to fill up.

Such a gift for Nicholas will appeal to every girl. Consider her interests when you buy a certificate. If she does not like outdoor activities, it is better to give preference to quiet activities: master classes, relaxing in an apart-hotel, going to the cinema for a Christmas comedy. Everything that will allow you to feel a real drive is suitable for the active: karting, climbing wall, paragliding. For purposeful girls, winter holidays are an opportunity to learn new skills. Therefore, it is worth considering a certificate for an online course.

What to give a boy for Nicholas?

There are also many answers to the question of what to give a guy for Nikolai. Believe me, emotions are also the best option. Usually they "have everything" and "they don't need anything", so spending time together is a good choice. The best certificates for kids are:

  1. Karting. What kid doesn't love speed racing? On the eve of St. Nicholas, you can go to indoor karting in one of the malls.

  2. Skeledrome. Not only a good option for spending time on winter evenings, but also a full-fledged sport. Let the guy feel like a real conqueror of peaks.

  3. Visit to shooting range. The most important desire of every guy is to protect his beloved. Such a gift will allow not only to release negative emotions, but also to master a useful skill. Many options for weapons — from pneumatics to a real crossbow.

  4. Flight in a wind tunnel. Children are always delighted with unusual activities. This flight is a safe alternative to skydiving. The sensations are the same, the flight lasts longer, and the body experiences less stress.

  5. Quest room. An activity that is only gaining popularity. Plunge into the world of fantasy with the help of VR reality or enjoy solving interesting puzzles — all this can be organized with a certificate in quest rooms.

The main criterion for a well-chosen present is made with love and not at the last moment!

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