What to give a girl for the New Year: the best ideas for yourself and your soul

The tradition of giving gifts for the New Year is different: someone puts their present under the Christmas tree, others hand it directly into their hands under the chimes. However, everyone expects a similar reaction: the fascinating and piercing look of a girl who was pleased with a surprise. So how to choose the perfect gifts for a girl for the New Year? Where can I buy a gift in advance so as not to stand in a kilometer-long queue on December 31 for a cheap Chinese souvenir?

If the girl does not hint at the desired New Year's present, give preference to a gift certificate. Classics — jewelry, cosmetics and perfumes, clothes and accessories. It is important that she will be able to choose a gift in a physical store or online store, so she does not have to study dimensional grids and delve into the features of mixing different flavors.

You can also order a universal Giftmall gift card — a good alternative to a traditional certificate. With its help, you can access all the shops, goods and services presented on the site in a particular city. In addition, it has a long validity period (up to 60 months). With such a present, the answer to the age-old question of what to give a girl for the New Year can be officially declared closed.


The best gift ideas for a girl for the New Year

A good gift for a girl for the New Year is one that she can constantly use. No worse option would be a certain impression that you can live together. Do not discard aesthetic gifts that complement the warm Christmas atmosphere at home. Start preparing for the New Year with some useful surprise ideas for the girl:

  1. Cosmetics.

  2. Perfume.

  3. Jewelry.

  4. Hair styler.

  5. Body care set.

  6. Tools for manicure.

  7. Home suit.

  8. Kigurumi pajamas.

  9. Aroma diffuser.

  10. Aroma candles.

  11. Elite tea.

  12. Chocolate.

  13. Thermo cup.

  14. Set for creativity.

  15. Projector.

  16. Biofireplace.

  17. Bluetooth speaker.

Classic New Year's gifts for a girl are cosmetics and perfumes. If you choose such a present yourself, then prefer a large palette with shadows (always with shimmering positions), collections of miniature perfumes with familiar winter flavors (cinnamon, vanilla, cardamom, saffron, nutmeg, etc.). It is easy to make a mistake with such a present, so it is better to give a certificate to one of the specialized stores:

  • Brocard;

  • Lush;

  • Piel Cosmetics;

  • Joko Blend;

  • Aromatique.

Presents from the same category, which can be found in the presented stores, include a variety of face and body care products, fragrant baths. An equally successful New Year's gift for a girl is a themed piece of jewelry. As a rule, popular jewelry companies carefully prepare for this holiday. Colorful decorations with symbols of the New Year appear, decorated with Murano glass, shimmering stones and multi-colored enamel. Organize a real Christmas miracle for a girl with a certificate:

  • SOVA;

  • Zarina;

  • Pandora;

  • Cote & Jeunot;

  • Youko Jewelry.

Good gift ideas for a girl for the New Year should also include everything related to leisure and recreation. We are talking about electronics (for watching "Home Alone" and continuously listening to "Jingle Bells"), cute little things (aroma diffuser, a candle with the scent of pine needles), warm clothes with a New Year's print‎‎. Offers are always available at:

  • OKwine;

  • YARO;

  • tea house;

  • Sabotage.

You can devote the 2-week Christmas holidays to your favorite pastime. Look for everything for creativity and relaxation in Orner, ZELENA, Bombatgame.

Original gifts for a girl for the New Year

Original gifts for girls for the New Year — this is a special attention to detail. Prepare a personalized gift: a clock made of vinyl records with an author's design, a multi-frame with group photos, a table for breakfast in bed, a pillow with a New Year's print. The main thing is that such a present is useful and pleasing to the eye, and not just standing idle on the shelf.

An equally important component of a successful New Year's gift is a greeting card and a bright box. Have you chosen a gift certificate? Put it in a colorful box. Wrap the gift in a bright wrapper. So it will be possible to create a unique atmosphere of a fairy tale and destroy the main intrigue. Remember how much joy it was to unpack gifts on New Year's Eve?

A postcard is a nice addition to New Year's gifts for your beloved. Prefer not template postcards, but bright compositions with a three-dimensional design or cheerful New Year's symbols. Similar additions to the present are offered by Giftmall. Let Santa Claus, a New Year's deer or an elf flaunt in front, and leave room for special words in the back.

Universal gift for a girl for the New Year

If a Secret Santa is being organized in the office or an acquaintance with a girl has just happened, it is difficult to guess with gifts. In this case, you should choose a universal gift for the New Year — a Giftmall card. It provides access to all goods and services presented on the site. The validity period is 60 months, so the girl is not limited in time. As soon as the euphoria from the Christmas holidays subsides, it will be possible to return to the rational choice of gifts. Other benefits of the Giftmall universal gift card include:

  1. Format. The card is available both in a standard plastic form and online. The physical format is suitable for celebrating together. An online certificate will make it possible to please a person at a distance. The Giftmall e-card can be gifted by e-mail or sent to a messenger (Telegram or Viber).

  2. Denomination. The problem that half of the guys face when choosing New Year's presents. The available face value of the card varies from 200 to 50,000 UAH. It is especially difficult to fit into the amount and find a practical gift if the girl is an unfamiliar work colleague.

  3. Multiple use cases. A girl can choose a product or service. Also, the effect of the Giftmall card extends to the impression. If the value of the certificate is less, then the difference can be paid. More — use the rest next time.

The universal Giftmall gift card replaces all gift ideas for a girl for the New Year.

Emotional gifts for a girl for the New Year — the best solution

A certificate for an impression will help a girl not to miscalculate with gifts for the New Year. Sometimes they lack exactly emotions: in long-term relationships, everyday affairs and constant work. So such a present is a good opportunity to spend time together and forever capture a pleasant memory in memory.

Choosing an impression, like any other gift, should be based on the interests of the girl. Adventure lovers will love:

  1. Flight in a hot air balloon. Enjoying winter landscapes, updating your Instagram feed, feeling free is the dream of every girl.

  2. Paragliding. Conquest of the sky in the company of experienced pilots — such a gift will appeal to an active girl.

  3. Quad biking. Active recreation is possible not only in summer. Driving through a snow-covered forest or mountain slope is an interesting experience.

  4. Karting. In summer, the high-speed race takes place in the open air, in winter — on no less interesting closed tracks.

  5. Skeledrome. A visit to the climbing wall allows you not only to find a new hobby, but also to support your body.

A good New Year's gift for a girl with whom you are in a close relationship is a certificate for a massage. You can visit this procedure together. You can also arrange a visit to the SPA-complex or beauty salon. It is better to give such a present a little earlier than the New Year, if a grandiose celebration is planned. So the girl will be able to prepare and look at 100.

The most practical and useful certificate is a practical master class. Choose your Christmas theme:

  • painting;

  • creating candles;

  • clay crafting;

  • creating Christmas decorations;

  • jewelry craft.

Christmas holidays can be devoted to self-improvement. Then a certificate for an online course or a visit to an art workshop would be a good choice.

With such a list of ideas and gifts from Giftmall, you definitely won't have to bother your head for a long time about what to give your girl for the New Year!

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