What to give a guy for the New Year: the best ideas for practical and emotional surprises

As soon as the first snow falls, and the thermometer exceeds +0⁰С, the question arises: what to give a guy for the New Year? Shops are filled with bright souvenirs, and online stores encourage customers with promotional offers and holiday discounts. But is it worth buying another cute Chinese souvenir for show? How to find a worthy gift on a limited budget? What to do if you don’t understand the interests and preferences of a guy at all?

There is always a solution — a gift certificate. It may refer to the purchase of a product or the receipt of a particular service. A wide possible denomination will help to meet the planned budget. Now you can give a certificate not only physically, but also online. This is a good opportunity to please a loved one who, for certain reasons, is at a distance.

Separately, it is necessary to highlight the certificate for the impression. It will help the guy immerse himself in the atmosphere of a holiday, a fairy tale and total relaxation. Positive emotions are exactly what you need on the eve of the New Year holidays.

If the guy is not quite close, for example, a work colleague, and the office is used to organizing a Secret Santa, order a universal Giftmall gift card. It allows you to buy goods or receive certain services in hundreds of places throughout the city.


The Best Themed Gift Ideas for a Boy for New Year's Eve

Gift ideas for a guy for the New Year 2023 can be divided into several categories according to the thematic direction.

  • for himself;

  • for recreation and entertainment;

  • for professional activities

The first thing you should pay attention to when choosing a present is the guy’s personal preferences. Does he like to take care of himself? Does he go to the barbershop? Does he love massage? So you can choose a useful gift from the following ideas:

  1. Razor.

  2. Trimmer.

  3. Cosmetics for beard care.

  4. Facial skin care cosmetics.

  5. Clipper.

  6. Irrigator.

  7. Perfume.

  8. Shaving set.

  9. Cosmetics for hair care.

  10. Bath salt.

  11. Soap with natural composition.

  12. Massage oil.

  13. Bath foam.

  14. Temporary tattoo kit.

  15. Lip balm.

You can choose electronics that make self-care easier in Eldorado, Comfy, Mi Store, Allo. It can be difficult for a guy to choose cosmetics and perfumes for a New Year’s gift on his own, so it’s better to give a certificate to one of the stores:

  • Brocard;

  • Philip Martin's;

  • Tink;

  • Barbers;

  • Mermade.

Recreation and entertainment is what you should devote a 2-week Christmas vacation to. So the gift can relate to incendiary parties, romantic evenings and walks along the snowy streets:

  1. Projector.

  2. Massager.

  3. Collector's edition of the computer game.

  4. Comics.

  5. Book.

  6. Board game.

  7. Darts.

  8. Poker set.

  9. 3D puzzle.

  10. Heated blanket.

  11. Soft bean bag chair.

  12. Thermo Cup.

  13. DJ-controller.

  14. Decorative lamp.

  15. Biofireplace.

Goods for creating home comfort can be found in Drommel, JYSK, Orner, HIS, WOOD MOOD stores. The largest selection of board games is available with a certificate from the Bombatgame online store.

A New Year's gift for a boy may refer to his professional activities. For example, they can become a useful gadget:

  1. Alarm.

  2. Smart watch.

  3. Fitness tracker.

  4. Dock station.

  5. Wireless Bluetooth speaker.

  6. Smartphone holder in the car.

  7. Tablet.

  8. Virtual reality glasses.

You can also choose something directly related to his profession. For example, a service station employee will definitely need a professional set of tools. A guy who spends a lot of time at the computer will need a massager or glasses with a special protective coating.

How to surprise and be remembered: original gifts for a guy for the New Year

Believe me, besides shaving cream and funny Christmas socks, there are many gifts that will definitely impress any guy. A Chinese souvenir in the form of a symbol of 2023 is definitely not an original New Year's gift for a guy. Also, don't get too creative. Often such a surprise, especially with humorous overtones, can even offend a person. Channel originality in the right direction. For example, take care of the original packaging and greeting card.

An ideal postcard for the New Year should set off a playful mood. Let the New Year's deer or Santa Claus flaunt on the cover. On the back, write some nice words. Well, where without festive packaging! Remember your childhood and arrange a real quest for the guy to find a present under the New Year tree.

The original gift is the one that is expected. Let them be the general impression with which the 2023 will begin.

A universal gift for a guy for the New Year

An equally successful option for a New Year gift for a guy is the universal Giftmall card. It works on the same principle as a regular certificate, but has several advantages:

  1. Different denomination. It varies from 200 to 50,000 UAH. So it will be possible to make a gift that will definitely fit into the budget. This is especially important when a Secret Santa is organized at work. The amount you need to meet is usually limited, so finding a useful gift is difficult.

  2. Several card types. It can be physical, that is, look like a plastic card, or electronic. The latter option is especially relevant if you want to please a guy from a distance.

  3. Best before date. Standard certificates are usually valid for 6-12 months. The Giftmall universal gift card is valid for 60 months. Therefore, the guy will have enough time to choose a practical present for the holiday.

The Giftmall gift card is valid for all offline stores, online stores and other places presented on the site. If the value of the certificate is less, he may pay the difference. If more, then you can use it next time. The classic certificate is often revoked even if there are unused funds left.

Such a certificate is a good alternative to money in an envelope. If such a gift is appropriate for a birthday, anniversary or wedding, then a New Year present has a completely different connotation. So do not go through hundreds of gift ideas for a guy for the New Year! Save your time and make really useful surprises that are not tied to the closeness of relationships and personal interests.

The best emotional gift for a guy for the New Year

Emotions are the best gift. Prefer standard certificates if you don't know the guy very well:

  1. Quest room. Entertainment, which is only gaining popularity in Ukraine. Organize a fun leisure time with friends, full of positive emotions. In addition, the quest room can be developed taking into account cult winter films like “Home at Home”.

  2. A walk to the movies. Such a gift will help to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the holiday. What it will be: watching an old movie or a long-awaited premiere — let the guy choose for himself.

  3. Skeledrome. There is not much active entertainment to enjoy in winter. A visit to the climbing wall is one of them. Beginners will be able to pass their first track in the company with an instructor.

  4. Master class. Good New Year's gifts for a guy are those that bring not only emotions, but also benefits. Let the guy visit one of the thematic workshops: painting, creating dishes from clay, casting scented candles, designing New Year's toys. Such activity will not only give a pleasant experience, but will help add home comfort.

  5. Online course. If a person seeks to change a new profession or master practical skills, why not do it during the winter holidays?

Choose an activity that you can do together. For example, a ticket for a sports match or a New Year's concert. It will be possible to please fans of extreme rest with a certificate for:

  1. Flight in a hot air balloon. Enjoy the unique winter landscapes — who would not like such a gift?

  2. Karting. In summer, you can race with friends in the open air, in winter — on special closed tracks.

  3. Quad bike ride. The winter forest is especially beautiful. Enjoy the frosty air and challenging tracks.

  4. Paragliding. Arrange for the guy the closest acquaintance with the sky in the company of experienced pilots.

  5. Walk on horseback. A walk with an instructor on horseback will help you relax and unwind.

So choosing a gift for a guy for the New Year is not difficult if you use the ideas and opportunities of Giftmall.


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