What to give for a wedding anniversary: the best gift ideas for a wife, husband, parents

A wedding anniversary is a special holiday that evokes a lot of pleasant memories for spouses. A wedding anniversary gift doesn't have to be expensive, but it does have to convey a certain message. For example, to correlate with the generally accepted names of anniversaries (chintz wedding, paper, etc.). Or to symbolize certain iconic moments that happened during these 365 days.

The longer a family exists, the more valuable wedding anniversary gifts become. And even if the first year of marriage is called calico, then you should not buy a banal Chinese trifle. Such monotonous souvenirs are sold in all stores, so you won’t surprise anyone with them. On such a responsible day, it is important to show maximum concern for the parents if the surprise is organized by children and grandchildren. As for the exchange of gifts between a man and a woman, they should symbolize admiration for each other, emphasize love and respect in the family, express gratitude for happy moments.

A present that will successfully fit into the concept of celebrating a wedding anniversary will be a gift certificate from Giftmall. It combines several characteristics of a successful surprise at once: positive emotions, practicality and several options for its use. Among the varieties of such gift cards:

  1. Certificate for a product or service. Hundreds of companies, online stores, offline stores are ready to offer goods and services that will be a good option for a wedding anniversary present.

  2. Impression Certificate. Family life is not only about happiness and love. Sometimes there are misunderstandings and certain difficulties arise. A certificate for emotions will help fill your married life with happy moments. What it will be — quad biking, a romantic dinner or an exciting flight in a hot air balloon — choose for yourself.

  3. Universal gift certificate Giftmall. Offers maximum opportunities when choosing memorable gifts. The card allows you to use the services of all companies presented on the site. The same goes for buying goods.


Universal wedding anniversary gift from Giftmall

The best present is the one that combines the aesthetic component, comfort and practicality. This is how you can briefly describe the universal Giftmall gift card. Now the question of what to give for a wedding anniversary is officially declared closed. If we talk more about the benefits of this useful gift, then:

  1. The card has several design options. Additionally, you can order a gift box and a postcard. Sign it yourself, thank your parents or express warm feelings for your soul mate on the back.

  2. Comfort is calculated on both sides. Anyone who buys a Giftmall card saves their time. In addition, a different declared denomination (from 200 to 50,000 UAH) allows you to clearly fit into the planned budget. The culprit of the festive event can use the certificate anywhere at the most opportune moment.

  3. Consider practicality. A person buys and gives a Giftmall card, the culprit of the holiday chooses any gifts: from a high-speed buggy race along forest roads to the purchase of necessary electronics. The certificate is valid for 60 months. So there is enough time to choose the perfect gift.

The Giftmall universal gift card is sold in several variants. The first and most common is a plastic certificate. It will be a good addition to a live celebration.

Sometimes it happens that the most dear people are at a distance. So in this case, it will be possible to please parents or a loved one with an electronic certificate. The command will send it to the specified mailbox address or to a convenient messenger (Telegram or Viber). Also, the certificate can be received by SMS, which allows you to receive congratulations even without Internet access.

What to give parents for their wedding anniversary

Each wedding anniversary has its own symbolic name, so the answer to the question of what is customary to give is not so difficult to find. For example, the first year of marriage is called calico. It is from this that we must turn away.

Children, and in adulthood also with their grandchildren, are always looking for the best gifts for their parents. Here is a list of 15 things to please your loved ones on their wedding anniversary:

  1. Household goods (bed linen, tablecloth, blanket, etc.).

  2. Goods for outdoor recreation.

  3. Plants and decor.

  4. Photobook or family album.

  5. Theater or cinema tickets.

  6. Books.

  7. Identical passport covers, belts, bags.

  8. Clothing.

  9. Kitchenware.

  10. Pair of jewelry.

  11. Wine and other alcoholic drinks.

  12. Exquisite delicacies.

  13. Attributes of a common hobby.

  14. Electronics.

  15. Appliances.

To the question of what to give parents for their wedding anniversary, there is a specific answer: something that they can use together. A good option is elements of home comfort and warmth: blankets, decorative pillows, bedding, carpets, vases. If the family likes to spend their free time outdoors and lives in a country house, then you can choose products for outdoor recreation. Let the parents decide for themselves what they need. A certificate to one of the stores will help with this:

  • Drommel;

  • JYSK;

  • BergHOFF;

  • Deco;

  • SABO concept.

Among the classic wedding anniversary gifts for parents from children are flowers. For mom — a fresh flower arrangement. For the father — a new seedling in his home garden. A gift certificate in Florium will allow you to realize this idea.

If gifts for the first wedding anniversary are usually budgetary and symbolic, then later on they become more valuable, just as the relationship in a couple is strengthened. So paired jewelry is considered a good present for the 5th or 10th anniversary of married life. For example, it can be a massive ring for the father and a delicate pendant for the mother with a similar design. Let parents choose the style themselves by using a certificate in stores:

  • Golden Age;

  • Pandora;

  • KUZ;

  • Zarina;

  • Yastreb.

Also, a pair can be clothes made to order or bought in one store. You can celebrate your wedding anniversary with your loved ones with wine and gourmet dishes. Order a certificate for parents in:

  • OKwine;

  • BadBoy;

  • YARO;

  • Novus;

  • Buno.

Consider: maybe parents lack certain electronics at home. Or they have long dreamed of some expensive household appliances. If there are no ideas, a certificate to one of the popular networks will do:

  • Foxtrot;

  • Hello;

  • Eldorado;

  • Comfy;

  • Mi Store.

So, choosing a gift for parents on their wedding anniversary is easy if you use Giftmall.

What to give your wife for her wedding anniversary

The beautiful half of the population is better than men in terms of dates. So a woman will never forget about the anniversary of married life. A good start to the festive day is coffee in bed and a bouquet of fresh flowers. Next — a surprise that best characterizes the relationship and conveys warm feelings. It is equally important that the present concerns the secret dreams and passions of the wife. For example:

  1. Cosmetics.

  2. Perfume.

  3. Earrings or necklace.

  4. Master Class.

  5. Training courses.

  6. Wine.

  7. New dress.

  8. Portable electronics.

  9. Sports tool.

  10. Underwear set.

  11. Evergreen.

  12. Decorations for the home.

  13. Book.

  14. Kitchenware.

  15. Set for creativity.

If a woman leads an active lifestyle, she will like the updated sports equipment. It can be a yoga mat or a sports top. Since it is impossible to accurately guess all the tastes of a woman even after 50 years of marriage, it is better to hope for the power of a gift certificate in:

  • Intersport;


  • Decathlon.

A lot of emotions will cause a certificate for a master class. It can be anything: from culinary classes to art painting. Drawing, by the way, is also considered a good psychotherapy. If your wife is committed to self-improvement and wants to develop in her profession, pay her for online courses.

A set of seductive underwear is another 100% answer to the question of what to give your wife for her wedding anniversary. It can be difficult for a man to sort out all these sizes, designs and varieties of bras. Give way to professionals with a gift certificate for shopping in:

  • Anabel Arto;

  • ARGO;

  • Penti;

  • Fox Lingerie.

What to give a man for his wedding anniversary

Men are by nature rationalists. The ideal wedding anniversary gift for a man is one that he can use as often as possible. And not necessarily in the company of his beloved wife. The list of the 15 best wedding anniversary gifts for a man looks something like this:

  1. A set of tools for the home.

  2. Fuel card.

  3. Service at the service station.

  4. Strong alcohol.

  5. Brand clothes and shoes.

  6. Innovative electronics.

  7. Sporting goods.

  8. Leather wallet.

  9. Watch on hand.

  10. Belt.

  11. Purse.

  12. Bracelet.

  13. Book.

  14. Fishing gear.

  15. Equipment for hunting.

The most practical gift for a man is a quality leather accessory. It can be a wallet or purse, business card holder, belt or suspenders. The sense of taste in women and men is often different, so let your loved one make his choice in one of the stores:

  • Sammy Icon;

  • Blackwood;

  • Blanknote;

  • The Wings;

  • Calvin Klein.

More than his wife, a man can only love his car. Drivers will need a fuel coupon or a service certificate at a service station. Separately, you should consider the purchase of a variety of car accessories. They are also considered a good wedding anniversary gift. Women have little understanding of long lists of technical specifications. Give your loved one the opportunity to enjoy relaxation in the world of technology by presenting a certificate to one of the most popular household appliances and electronics stores:

  • Foxtrot;

  • DroneUA;

  • TSE TE.

It's easier to guess with a surprise when a man has certain hobbies. It can be fishing with friends or hunting. Products for such hobbies are offered by several networks at once, in which Giftmall allows you to purchase gift certificates:

  • Epicenter;

  • Military;

  • Dugout.

Original wedding anniversary gifts

An original gift is more about emotions than about material things. The purchase of certain products and goods often becomes an integral part of home life. But there are not so many positive impressions after marriage. To correct this situation, a certificate for emotion will help. What it will be — laughter, fear, adrenaline — depends on the particular couple. Both children to parents and lovers in a couple can make such a gift for a wedding anniversary. Consider activities you can do together. The most popular couple experiences on the Giftmall website include:

  1. Flight in a hot air balloon. Discover the beauty of the natural environment and complete your family photo album with colorful photos. Such a romantic date, especially on the anniversary of living together, will be remembered forever.

  2. Massage for two. Go to professional massage therapists to relieve tension and fill with new emotions.

  3. Yacht trip. Another option for a perfect romantic date, like in Hollywood movies. Complete it with champagne, live music and the company of your closest people.

Do you want to give a special wedding anniversary gift to your beloved wife? Choose from the following experiences:

  1. Visit to the SPA-complex. For a young wife — moisturizing procedures, for an older wife — a complex for restoring the hydrolipidic layer of the skin.

  2. Dinner at the restaurant. Think back to your first date and arrange something similar. Maybe even in the same place.

  3. Drawing master class. Women are extremely creative individuals. A certificate for such an impression will help them to be filled and inspired.

Separate emotions are designed for men. They tend to prefer outdoor activities, no matter how old they are. Therefore, many unforgettable emotions can give:

  • quad biathlon;

  • jeep rides;

  • high-speed riding on buggies and ATVs;

  • karting;

  • climbing wall.

So, the perfect wedding anniversary gift is one that both partners will love. You can be sure of this if you choose a Giftmall gift certificate.

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