What to give your wife for her birthday: from useful goods to unforgettable experiences

Making a successful surprise for your wife is not as easy as it seems at first glance. Even after 10 years of marriage, it is difficult to explore all the preferences and interests of a loved one. In addition, men are rarely really willing to spend the whole day to pick up the perfect gift for their beloved. Moreover, no one wants to ask for several days in a row what to give his wife for her birthday.

Therefore, men often go to the first store they come across in one of the popular shopping centers and buy the usual things: a dress, kitchen utensils, jewelry. Nobody says that such a present is bad. However, it is important to guess with the size of the ring, the design of the dress and the functionality of the new kitchen appliances. It is almost impossible to do this without a wife. Often such things very quickly lose their relevance and remain gathering dust somewhere on the shelves of the closet.

Therefore, the best solution is to replace the stereotypical gift with a certificate. Giftmall will help with this. The site features several hundred companies and stores that provide access to thousands of goods and services. So the beloved man chooses a gift certificate — the wife enjoys shopping. And the best gift for your wife is guaranteed! All certificates that can be ordered on Giftmall have a different purpose:

  • for the purchase of goods;

  • to receive services;

  • on emotions.

Separately, it is necessary to highlight the universal Giftmall gift card. It gives you access to all the companies and experiences featured on the site.


TOP 15 birthday gift ideas for wife

It turned out that the best solution is a gift certificate. Now, it is important to decide on a specific store. Here is a list of 15 best birthday gift ideas for your spouse:

  1. Smartphone.

  2. Wireless headphones.

  3. Massager.

  4. Cosmetics for face or hair care.

  5. Bag.

  6. Wallet.

  7. Jewelry.

  8. Underwear.

  9. Sports equipment for home workouts.

  10. Sneakers.

  11. Double boiler.

  12. Electric grill.

  13. Wine and gourmet delicacies.

  14. Painting by numbers.

  15. Book.

The best birthday present for a wife is a brand-new gadget. Let her choose a flagship smartphone with a powerful camera to capture memorable moments. Or a tablet that is useful both for work and for watching your favorite TV shows. A practical option for a gift for a loved one is also considered wireless headphones, smartwatches. All this can be bought using a certificate in one of the networks:

  • Foxtrot;

  • Hello;

  • Comfy;

  • Mi Store.

Cosmetics, like perfumes, run out quickly. So you can please your wife with a brand-new tube of foundation or a comprehensive facial. Since women rarely discuss such issues with their men, it is better to entrust the choice of eye shadow palette, lipstick or moisturizing hair balm to professionals:

  • Brocard;

  • LUSH;

  • Piel Cosmetics;

  • Vitality's;

  • Tink.

No woman will refuse a new handbag or good shoes. The same goes for clothes and underwear. So such a gift for the wife always remains relevant. Let your loved one relax and enjoy shopping by giving a certificate to one of the stores:

  • Mango;

  • Penti;

  • The North Face;

  • Garne;

  • Pinko.

Several trendy bracelets, trendy congo earrings, an invisible necklace with a cultured freshwater pearl are a valuable gift that every woman will appreciate. Contact our partners for help:

  • SOVA;

  • Cote & Jeunot;

  • Morza;

  • Pandora;

  • K.A.Z.A Women.

It's easier to make a good surprise when a woman has a certain hobby. For the active and young — a variety of sports equipment, sneakers, mats for yoga or fitness. For creative — painting by numbers. For real kitchen fairies — a professional food processor or a set of baking tins. To make such a gift to your beloved wife allows a certificate for the purchase of:

  • Intersport;

  • SABO concept;


  • Deco.

Original birthday gifts for wife

An original gift is one that stands out from the others. An original birthday present for your wife should be not only practical, but also beautiful. Add a greeting card to the present itself. Sign it yourself on the back. If you are used to affectionately calling your wife, it is worth depicting this in the design of a postcard. Maybe a cute angel or a shy mouse? A beautiful greeting card, as well as a bright gift box, can be ordered at Giftmall.

An original gift is not necessarily associated exclusively with the material. It could be rest. For example, in the heart of Kyiv in the apart-hotel Senator Maidan. Go on a little trip with your loved one. Walk along Independence Square, visit several local restaurants, enjoy a picnic and sunset on the banks of the Dnieper River.

Maybe it's time for the wife to relax and feel truly feminine? Send her to the SPA for the weekend. Let professional massage therapists and cosmetologists do their work. No woman will refuse a cardinal transformation on the eve of her birthday. Give her a certificate for a manicure and pedicure, a new hairstyle, eyebrow or eyelash correction.

Universal birthday gift for wife from Giftmall

It is clear that choosing a gift for his wife is one of the most difficult tasks that a husband has to perform every year. Do not rush to become sour, because the best solution is a universal Giftmall gift certificate. Turn this present into a tradition. Be sure: a woman will be delighted, because she can choose anything.

The Giftmall card has several options. It can be a familiar plastic certificate, which the husband will festively present to his wife in the circle of relatives or friends. Bright design is exactly what you need on such a bright day. Sometimes it happens that a loved one is at a distance. Then you can do it online. It is enough to order an electronic version of the Giftmall card. She will go to the birthday girl in the mailbox, SMS-message or messenger (Telegram or Viber).

The universal gift certificate is valid for 60 months. So you can use it later, when the euphoria from all other presents has passed. The nominal value of the certificate is from 200 to 50,000 UAH. This is enough to realize the cherished dream of his wife.

The value of the card can be used gradually. If the selected gift is cheaper, then the difference can be used next time. And not necessarily on the same network. If, on the contrary, it is more expensive, the birthday girl simply pays the difference in the amount. The validity of the universal certificate applies to all goods and services presented on the Giftmall website.

Emotional gifts for the wife

Another correct (from a female point of view) answer to the question of what to give your wife for her birthday is a certificate for emotions. Women are more emotional than men, so relationships periodically need to be “fed” with new impressions. When to do it, if not on a holiday?

Giftmall offers about 150 emotions that will amaze any woman. Making such a surprise, a man must take into account the passions and phobias of his beloved half. Some experiences can be experienced together, others are designed exclusively for a female audience. The latter include:

  1. Hairstyling. Professional salon masters will make both a light everyday hairstyle and something enchanting for a loud celebration.

  2. Master class in painting. The wife will be able not only to learn how to draw like a professional, but also to create a picture that will complement the home interior. In addition, drawing is a good psychotherapy. Almost like wine with friends.

  3. Restoration and transformation at Lakshmi SPA. The unique technologies in which the Turkish hammam is involved allow you to enjoy total relaxation. Feel your body, find the lost energy, relax and be inspired to new achievements.

  4. Horse riding. You can feel like a real princess in one of the country equestrian clubs. The instructor will tell you the basic rules for interacting with the animal, and then organize a horseback ride.

  5. Author's course. If your wife strives for self-realization and constant learning, give her a certificate for completing one of the courses from the Arthouse creative workshop. This could be a course in stage speech or a course in fashion and style.

Together with Giftmall it is easy to choose a gift for a wife who loves extreme activities. For example:

  1. Flight in a hot air balloon. The perfect option for a romantic birthday celebration. In addition to the picturesque landscapes, there is also the opportunity to update the Instagram feed.

  2. Visit to the karting club. Arrange a high-speed race with friends — isn't it cool?

  3. Walk on a buggy through the forest. Bugs are the perfect off-road vehicle. A seductive costume, speed, adrenaline and a lot of impressions — that's what the Get Drive active recreation center can organize.

  4. Off-road safari. You will be able to share this activity with your spouse. The instructor will act exclusively as a navigator.

  5. Quest room. Choosing the iconic "Sherlock" or "Saw" is the business of each individual movie fan. Drive and crazy emotions are guaranteed in any case.

Every impression deserves attention. Any emotion experienced together will be remembered for many years!

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