How to prepare the perfect Secret Santa gift: the best ideas and the most original surprises

The tradition of celebrating Secret (or Secret) Santa came to us from the USA. Such a New Year's Eve event is often found among colleagues in the office, classmates or classmates. The very name of the holiday contains the main intrigue: no one guesses who is the author of the gift. We only know the name of the person who is to be surprised. On a predetermined X day, everyone puts their gifts under the tree. On the gift box, the name of the person to whom the surprise is intended must be emblazoned.

Therefore, many people have a logical question: what to give for Secret Santa? Colleagues and classmates don't really know much about each other's interests and hobbies. Especially about cherished dreams and desires. Therefore, you have to look for the best option for a present that will appeal to an unfamiliar person. One of these is a gift certificate. It may concern:

  • purchases of goods;

  • receiving services;

  • emotions.

Such a gift is a better option than a Chinese souvenir purchased in one of the stores. The universal Giftmall gift card deserves special attention. It provides access to hundreds of products and services from trusted manufacturers, companies, active recreation centers, beauty salons, workshops, etc.


Universal gift from Secret Santa on Giftmall

Often people who exchange gifts hardly know each other. In this case, it is difficult to choose gifts from Secret Santa, even if restrictions or specific wishes are written on a piece of paper. The universal Giftmall card comes to the rescue. Among its main advantages:

  1. Variety of designs. For example, you can choose a plastic card that depicts snowflakes or a Christmas tree.

  2. Several types of certificates. You can present not only the classic plastic version, but also its electronic version. This is especially true for IT companies that value comfort and simplicity. Our team can send a code to activate the certificate in a messenger (Telegram or Viber) or by SMS.

A Secret Santa gift often has to fit into a certain amount. As a rule, it is extremely symbolic (from 200 to 1,000 UAH). What interesting things can be bought to a person for the declared amount, without knowing anything about his preferences and wishes? That's right — a Chinese trinket. Even with this problem, the Giftmall card does an excellent job. The donor buys a certificate with a specific denomination (from 200 to 50,000 UAH). Therefore, even for 200 UAH, a person chooses what he needs most. If the product or service is more expensive, you have to pay the difference. If the gift, on the contrary, turned out to be cheaper, the remaining amount can be used next time. A certificate from a particular store is usually canceled even if the person has not used the full amount.

Giftmall universal gift certificate is valid for 60 months. This is quite enough, especially when compared with ordinary certificates to one of the stores, which have a specific time reference. As soon as the euphoria from the New Year holidays passes, a person can again plunge into the atmosphere of a fairy tale and magic.

TOP 15 Best Secret Santa Gift Ideas

Have you decided to organize a Secret Santa with your colleagues? Excellent! We offer a list of 15 presents that will definitely come in handy for a stranger:

  1. Bath bombs.

  2. Board game.

  3. Bottle for water.

  4. Thermo mug.

  5. Carpal expander.

  6. Antistress coloring book.

  7. Diary.

  8. Poinsettia.

  9. Set with live moss.

  10. Christmas bag.

  11. Portable speaker.

  12. Wallet.

  13. Passport cover.

  14. Big calendar.

  15. Book.

When considering Secret Santa gift ideas, pay attention to anything with a New Year's theme in design. Despite the huge number of options, it is difficult to choose something really worthwhile on your own. So we strongly recommend that you buy a certificate for a certain amount, and the person himself will choose a present at the right time.

If a person is completely unfamiliar, give preference to gifts with a general theme: a classic board game, diary, passport cover. Similar pleasant little things are presented in the assortment of stores:

  • JYSK;

  • Orner;

  • Deco;

  • Epicenter.

You can also purchase a certificate from a bookstore or Yakaboo. If the gift is intended for a female colleague, she may like a visit to the Florium online store.

Original gifts for Secret Santa

The original Secret Santa gift is the one that attracts the most attention. And how to achieve this? Take care of his appearance in advance. After all, no one knows what is inside the gift box. But it is she who first catches the eye.

On the Giftmall website, you can buy not only a certificate, but also a gift box. Bright New Year's design is what you need. Don't forget to include a greeting card with your gift. There is a cute design on the front and some nice words on the back. Let it be a verse, a congratulation or a few pleasant words personally from myself.

Among the original gifts are not only things, but also impressions. It can be a massage or a thematic master class, for example, on making toys for the New Year tree. Who does not dream of feeling like the main character of the movie "Home Alone" and going to the central ice rink of their native city? How about a subscription to an online movie theater or music streaming service? Just the same, at the weekend there will be an opportunity to lie in bed and watch your favorite movie. A warm blanket or knitted scarf will help to complement all this.

A material present can also be original. Let it be a cup with a photo of a colleague, a scratch card or a vintage Christmas tree toy. Or a board game with which you can pass the time with your family.

Secret Santa: a gift for a man

Every man is a rationalist by nature. It is worth remembering this when choosing a gift for Secret Santa. They will need things that can be used regularly. Or you can make a surprise that will emphasize his social status and courage. Among the best gift ideas:

  1. Multitool.

  2. Portable docking station.

  3. Constructor.

  4. Merry Christmas socks.

  5. Diary.

  6. Book.

  7. Massage Slippers.

  8. Hat.

  9. Set for making mulled wine.

  10. Scratch card.

  11. Honey.

  12. Cactus.

  13. Scarf and gloves.

  14. Trinket.

  15. Little things for a party.

Most guys will not refuse to once again look into the electronics store. Let them enjoy with the certificate in:

  • Foxtrot;

  • Eldorado;

  • Mi Store;

  • CE TO.

No less than women, they appreciate high-quality clothes and original accessories. A cheerful Christmas sweater, warm socks or a beautiful leather wallet — look for all this in:

  • ZAVOD;

  • DASTI;

  • Streetwear;

  • Minnim.

Impressions are also a great Secret Santa gift. Among the top offers from Giftmall:

  1. Visit to the Get Drive active recreation center. There, a colleague will be able to find something to their liking: high-speed driving in a buggy or jeep, off-road driving on ATVs, competitions with friends in karting.

  2. A visit to the shooting range. A great opportunity to relieve stress and acquire a useful practical skill.

  3. Online course. If a person loves his profession, he strives for constant self-improvement. You can choose not a specific course, but for example, a popular academy of online professions.

  4. Quest room. An entertaining vacation in the company of friends is provided thanks to professional actors and a well-thought-out plot.

  5. Master Class. Sculpting or drawing is an excellent psychotherapy. Everything that is created with your own hands deserves special attention.

Secret Santa: a gift for women

Secret Santa is a serious event for women, so the gift should correspond to this status. Among the best options:

  1. Sleep mask.

  2. Scarf.

  3. Makeup glitter.

  4. A set of perfume samples.

  5. Cosmetic bag.

  6. Plaid.

  7. Aroma candles.

  8. New Year's garland.

  9. Antistress toy.

  10. Indoor evergreen plant.

  11. Coffee or tea.

  12. Wine set.

  13. Gingerbread.

  14. Spruce wreath.

  15. Case for iPhone.

Girls love aesthetically pleasing things. Gift a certificate to one of the stores below so that a colleague can bring a little holiday into their home:

  • HIS;

  • Posudmeister;


When preparing for the Secret Santa, the question often arises: what to give to a stranger, especially a female. Girls love goodies and fun gatherings with friends over wine. Keep this in mind when purchasing a certificate from:

  • OKwine;


  • Tea House;

  • Cheese Kingdom.

And, of course, the best gift is emotions. Give preference to general activities that do not carry hidden connotations. For example:

  1. A walk to the movies. Budget but useful gift for Secret Santa. Let a colleague go to the movies for a Christmas comedy with friends.

  2. Massage. If the event takes place in the office, then such a gift will come in handy more than ever. Sedentary work negatively affects health, and massage is a great opportunity to relieve stress.

  3. Climbing wall. An extremely affordable option for a pleasant pastime if a girl is interested in extreme sports.

  4. Visiting a creative workshop. As a rule, there are about 10 different directions in the program. So finding your own option for a healthy vacation is not difficult.

  5. A visit to a beauty salon. Buy a certificate for a specific procedure, such as a manicure. It’s not so difficult to notice if a work colleague likes bright nails.

Therefore, there are many options for gifts for Secret Santa. But a really good solution is a certificate that does not force you to delve into interests and hobbies.

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