What to give a teacher for Teacher's Day: proven ideas and practical tips for choosing presents

Teacher's Day is a holiday that is annually celebrated in Ukraine in autumn. It does not go unnoticed: parents, along with their children, as well as graduates, strive to make the best gift for a teacher on Teacher's Day. But choosing the right gift is not easy. First, you need to take into account the interests of the teacher himself. Secondly, adhere to the norms and rules that dictate the unspoken code of a particular school.

A gift prepared hastily will definitely not create the proper impression. As well as a symbolic gift to the teacher, purchased in one of the many shops with Chinese souvenirs. There is a way out: you can always present the teacher with a certificate. Agree: teachers rarely share their dreams and desires with students. So it is impossible to be 100% sure that the recipient will like the present by buying a certain thing.

The certificate is not only about buying material things. Maybe it's time for the teacher to relax. Or parents want to make it nice and organize a visit to the beauty salon for the teacher.

You can also order a universal Giftmall gift card, which gives you access to a variety of goods and services from trusted companies and stores. Or give unforgettable emotions and impressions that the teacher can share with family or friends.


A universal gift for teachers on Teacher's Day from Giftmall

If we talk more about the Giftmall gift card, then as a gift for teachers on Teacher's Day, it has many advantages:

  1. Beautiful appearance. The small certificate doesn't really stand out, so it can be inserted into a flower bouquet or a box of chocolates. Therefore, the present does not attract the attention of strangers too much.

  2. Several types of certificates. In addition to the usual plastic card, it is possible to send a certificate electronically. To do this, it is enough to know the e-mail address of the teacher. You can also send it to a messenger (Telegram or Viber). Or the activation code can be sent via SMS. The number of the teacher will definitely be found in the phone book of every mother. An electronic certificate will help to avoid an awkward situation when a teacher tries to refuse gifts.

  3. Different denomination. If parents decide to give a budget gift on Teacher's Day, this will not be a problem. The value of the Giftmall certificate varies from 200 to 50,000 UAH. Therefore, it is better to give the teacher an opportunity to buy something useful for 200 UAH than to hand over a trinket.

  4. Millions of possibilities of use. If giving money for a birthday is considered bad manners, then the opposite is true here. It is difficult to follow the interests of the teacher, because this is not the closest person. In addition, the teacher may refuse some gifts (jewelry, travel, massages, etc.). But she will be able to choose the perfect gift for herself using the certificate.

Such a gift can be presented to absolutely any teacher: from a primary school teacher to a physical education teacher. When buying a specific item, it is quite difficult to make a universal (but not stereotypical) gift.

The Giftmall card is valid for 60 months. This is quite enough to make a choice. When the euphoria from flowers and sweets subsides, the teacher will be able to plunge into warm memories again.

TOP 15 teacher gift ideas

If you still decide that a specific gift is required for Teacher's Day, pay attention to the list of 15 things that will be useful to any teacher:

  1. Flower arrangement or flowerpot.

  2. Sweets and greeting card.

  3. Book.

  4. Stationery.

  5. Elite coffee or tea.

  6. Small household appliances.

  7. Computer accessories.

  8. Desk lamp.

  9. Laser pointer.

  10. Goods for the home with a certain symbolism.

  11. Painting.

  12. Big photo album.

  13. Cup or thermo mug.

  14. Plaid.

  15. Bag.

The easiest option is to present a live flower arrangement or a themed set of sweets. Be sure to add tea or coffee to sweets. Otherwise, how can a teacher cope with these early rises and checking notebooks until nightfall? A certificate will help to cope with this task in:

  • Tea House;

  • Buno;

  • Marco Coffee.

The computer has long been an integral part of teaching life. If the question arises of what to give a teacher for Teacher's Day, you can give a definite answer — accessories for him. You can choose a computer mouse or keyboard in:

  • Foxtrot;

  • Eldorado;

  • Comfy.

In the same stores, the teacher will be able to purchase a table lamp, a laser pointer, or an electric kettle that will make long breaks in the teacher's room warmer.

A good gift for Teacher's Day from the class is a complete set of stationery. It includes pens and markers, stickers, a stapler, a notebook, a clerical knife, a set of magnetic holders, etc. Do not forget about the specialization of the teacher. For example, a geography teacher can be presented with a beautiful set of dishes with a world map or a globe. You can pick up similar products in one of the partner stores:

  • Orner;

  • Deco;

  • Posudmeister;


Original gifts for teachers on Teacher's Day

An original gift for a teacher for Teacher's Day is one that will stand out from the rest. For example, a scratch card that will fit perfectly into the interior of a history or geography class. An English teacher can be presented with the largest dictionary in a beautiful cover. Ukrainian language teacher — collected works of one of the classics or a thematic board game. There are many options, if you turn on the fantasy.

If you need to make an original present to a male teacher, you should choose:

  1. Personalized pen or diary.

  2. Original T-shirt.

  3. A cup with a photo of the class.

  4. Leather case for documents or briefcase.

  5. Printer or scanner.

When considering gift options for Teacher's Day, do not forget about its beautiful presentation. Do not openly give an electric kettle or a thermo mug. For this, Giftmall sells special gift boxes. And, of course, where without a greeting card. Each teacher has a drawer in his desk where he keeps pleasant memories from his graduates. The best option is to choose a card with a bright and cute design, and leave a few wishes from the whole class on the back.

Emotional gifts for the teacher

When wondering what other gift can be given to a teacher on Teacher's Day, there is an answer — an emotional one. This is a certificate of experience. Of course, not all of them are designed for teachers.

Young teachers often lead their Instagram. If students are sure that their teacher is crazy about extreme activities, they can choose:

  1. Flight in a hot air balloon. Such a gift will definitely be remembered by the class teacher.

  2. Karting ride. The teacher is also a living person with his own interests and hobbies. Even if at first glance it is difficult to imagine that he can ride ATVs in the forest or go karting with friends on the weekends.

  3. Extreme driving courses. Perhaps the teacher has long dreamed of learning how to drive a car? Extreme driving courses are what you need. Especially on our roads.

  4. Paragliding. A great opportunity to take to the skies and feel like a free bird.

Do not forget that gifts on Teacher's Day must comply with school rules. Perhaps the teacher will like:

  1. Visiting an educational project. Certificate for a visit to Art People. Space" is a great gift for an art or music teacher.

  2. Certificate for completing one of the courses. The drawing teacher — the course "Drawing and Sketching", the language teacher — "Speech Technique". After all, there are no limits to self-improvement!

  3. Horse riding. This type of calm and pleasant pastime will definitely appeal to the teacher.

  4. A trip to a beauty salon. Make it pleasant on the eve of the holiday and let the teacher look 100 on the most important day!

  5. A visit to a massage parlour. Sedentary work often causes back problems.

Thus, on Teacher's Day it is worth looking for a gift that will fit exactly into the teacher's system of values and interests. If you are not sure about something, buy a certificate and you will definitely not lose!

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